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Professional Development Project
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TCLP mentor teacher alumni Steven Berbeco was awarded a CLP for his grant proposal to organize a meeting of The Teachers of Arabic Language K-12 network at the Northeast Conference on Teaching of Foreign Languages in Baltimore, MD. At this meeting, he hosted a best practices workshop and professional networking meeting with 20 teachers of Arabic who came from all over the United States. At that time there was no other national organization that provided support for Arabic classroom teachers to exchange curriculum ideas, develop teaching skills and share best practices, so the aim of this bi-annual meeting was to provide an opportunity for these 20 teachers to participate in a 3 hour hands-on workshop and share ideas with one another. CLP funding provided support for the meeting materials and resource books. This project was successful in its goal of exchanging curriculum ideas, developing teaching skills and other best practices, and supporting each other as professionals. As part of the workshop the teachers reviewed current curriculum materials, discussed best practices from their classroom experiences, and performed materials development exercises.