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Critical Language Project
1 week 6 hours ago
Li Ning (2019-2020) received a Round 19 CLP grant to support the purchase of instructional materials for Chariho Regional High School. With CLP support, CRHS acquired new Level I and II instructional materials including textbooks and workbooks in Spring 2020 and is currently purchasing additional Level III instructional materials based on a communicative teaching approach and thematic content. Mr. Li worked with his TCLP mentor teacher to map curricula for each level and began using the new materials with his Level I and II students starting in Spring 2020. In a student survey, the majority of students reported that the new textbooks benefited their learning and increased their confidence in learning Mandarin. Classroom observations also showed that the new instructional materials increased student enthusiasm in class.
Critical Language Project
3 years 4 months ago
TCLP 2015 alumna Zheng Meng was awarded a Critical Language Project grant in the amount of $2950 to conduct a TESL Professional Development Workshop at her home school in China. The full day workshop featured speakers from the Regional English Language Office (RELO) and two TCLP Alumni who shared best practices in student performance assessment and English teaching methodologies. The project was implemented in Chongqing Experimental Foreign Language School, where 40% of the teachers have been in the teaching profession for less than 5 years and needed improvement of their teaching practices. On the day of the workshop Ms. Zheng Meng together with Ms.Sun Liang (2009 alumna and Mr. Xia Zhi (2015 alumnus) did a TCLP program introduction, followed by a brief discussion on the differences between Chinese and American educations. This session was followed by four breakout sessions conducted by two RELO guest speakers and two TCLP alumni. Two of the hour-long sessions provided training on Multiple Intelligence and Cooperative Learning (conducted by Ms.Sun Liang) as well as Project-Based Learning (conducted by Mr.Xia Zhi). The workshop also include two 90 minute sessions on Formative Assessment and Rubrics (conducted by Mr.Ian Baecht) and Communicative Reading Activities and Reading Fluency (conducted by Mr.Kevin Sprague). 140 teachers attended and directly benefited from this highly successful workshop. Furthermore, the workshop materials were shared widely among the English teachers in the school who couldn't attend the event. As a result of the training over 9000 students will have better English learning experience , and with 3000 new students joining Chongqing Experimental Foreign Language School each year, the number of benefiting students will continue to grow.
Critical Language Project
4 years 10 months ago
TCLP mentor teacher alumni Steven Berbeco was awarded a CLP for his grant proposal to organize a meeting of The Teachers of Arabic Language K-12 network at the Northeast Conference on Teaching of Foreign Languages in Baltimore, MD. At this meeting, he hosted a best practices workshop and professional networking meeting with 20 teachers of Arabic who came from all over the United States. At that time there was no other national organization that provided support for Arabic classroom teachers to exchange curriculum ideas, develop teaching skills and share best practices, so the aim of this bi-annual meeting was to provide an opportunity for these 20 teachers to participate in a 3 hour hands-on workshop and share ideas with one another. CLP funding provided support for the meeting materials and resource books. This project was successful in its goal of exchanging curriculum ideas, developing teaching skills and other best practices, and supporting each other as professionals. As part of the workshop the teachers reviewed current curriculum materials, discussed best practices from their classroom experiences, and performed materials development exercises.