Attending ACTFL 2024

Samir Gibrial's "Attending ACTFL 2024" Project provides him with the opportunity to participate in professional development put on by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), as well as access resources that are geared in particular toward teachers of Arabic as a Foreign Language and connect with other Arabic teachers. By attending ACTFL's 2024 conference, Mr. Gibrial enhances his teaching skills, learn about the latest innovations in teaching methodologies, and stay up to date with the teachers of foreign languages community.

Arabic Camp Day

Emad Gerges's "Arabic Camp Day" Project strives to encourage elementary, middle, and high school students in Oxford, Mississippi to enroll in Arabic classes by putting on an outreach event that showcases aspects of the Arabic language and culture. The event recruits local college students who have been studying Arabic to run several different stations that prospective students rotate between.

Passport to Global Cultures

Deadline Date

At Seventy-First High School, the "Passport to Global Cultures" Program, led by Carmen Villalobos, seeks to expose students to various cultures and develop knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for different communities worldwide. The "Passports to Global Cultures" program focuses on and promotes the Arabic language and culture.

Arabic Culture Day

Deadline Date

During the “Arabic Cultural Day,” Ms. Ismael's students held an after-school event to showcase their acquired Arabic language skills and promote the middle school's Arabic program to the school, teachers, and parents.

Beyond Differences

Deadline Date

For Ms. Sofi’s “Beyond Differences” project, students introduced Arabic culture and language to the school through an international week that concluded with an event celebrating diversity. The focus of the program was on how Middle Eastern culture influenced other disciplines. 

Cooking Lessons and Moroccan Soiree

Deadline Date

Mr. Hayab's "Cooking Lessons and a Moroccan Soirée" project had two phases. In the first phase, project participants took part in Moroccan cooking and culture classes, and in the second, participants organized a Moroccan Soiree in Ramadan for the community members.

Egyptian/American Wax Museum

Students from Ashford School created their own Egyptian/American wax museum exhibits after they participated in a field trip to the Wadsworth Atheneum to see Egyptian art and the Connecticut Science Center to view the Mummies of the World exhibit.

Arabic Hub

This project will create an Arabic Club where students will demonstrate competence in using Arabic before a large audience. Parents and community members will participate in curriculum night and cultural events. We will host a forum where the community and school staff will learn about the education, culture, cuisine, customs, traditions, and daily life in Egypt. The project will promote and reinforce the Arabic language, students'  fluency, and knowledge of the Egyptian culture.