TCLP Highlights - September 2015

In the first video for the 2015-2016 TCLP Teachers you will see:
• Chen Manman from Walsh Middle School in Framingham, MA teaches Chinese characters and brush strokes.
• Samar Abdelfatah from Peterson Elementary School in Chicago, IL uses songs in Arabic to teach her students.
• Jia Lili from Walnut Elementary in Walnut, CA has students play hide and seek to learn the Mandarin words for fruits.
• Nashaat Mehany from Tomah High School in Tomah, WI introduces Egyptian and Arabic musical instruments to students.
• Zheng Meng from Newberg High School in Newberg, Oregon talks to the local quilt club about Chinese quilts and fabrics.

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Critical Language Projects

As part of the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP), program alumni, current exchange teachers, mentor teachers, administrative representatives, and U.S. schools and districts are eligible and encouraged to apply for Critical Language Projects. These projects are designed to complement the TCLP experience by contributing to the enhancement of critical language programs in U.S. schools and furthering the teaching of English, Arabic, or Chinese as a Foreign Language in the home countries of the international alumni. In addition, Critical Language Projects promote mutual understanding and lasting relationships between program alumni and their U.S. colleagues.

April 2015 Video Highlights

• Ali Mohamed uses the Total Physical Response approach to teach numbers in Arabic at Truesdell Education Campus in Washington, DC.
• Zheng Quiping's classes are learning the seasons in Chinese at Lakes International Language Academy in Minnesota.
• Mohamed Abouraya's students practice introducing themselves in Arabic at Columbus North International School in Ohio
• Xie Fen's summative assessment for her students is to present on their future careers. The students talk about their future jobs in Chinese at Naselle - Grays River School in Washington.
• Yang Ruirui asks her students to use Chinese phrases to describe each students personality at East-West School of International Studies, New York.
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TCLP- Mohamed Abouraya's Advice for Host Schools

Mohamed Abouraya, Arabic teacher at Columbus North International School, gives advice to future host schools.

TCLP- Ali Mohamed's Advice for Exchange Teachers

Ali Mohamed, Arabic teacher at Truesdell Educational Campus, gives advice for exchange teachers based on his experience.

TCLP- Ahmed Mohamed's Advice to Exchange Teachers

Ahmed Mohamed, Arabic Teacher at Watertown Middle School, gives advice to future TCLP teachers on adjusting to American life.

March 2015 Video Highlights

  • Min Haiwei teaches his students how the earth rotates in Chinese.
  • Yang Jing’s students are excited to learn the Chinese Zodiac using the flyswatter game.
  • Mohamed Abouraya’s students role play scenarios as hotel guests and staff.
  • Chen Xiomei’s students debate whether toothpaste is a solid or liquid in Chinese.
  • Ahmed Mohamed’s class enjoys singing a song by Amir Diab. 

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February 2015 Video Highlights

In this video:

  • Wang Liuqing's students put on a spectacular Chinese New Year show.
  • Wei Wei has students retell the Legend of Nian.
  • Sabreen Kamel's students practice vocabulary by learning about Arabic cuisine.
  • Students in Lui Jian's class learn how to describe clothing by rearranging sentences.
  • The celebrations continue in Li Xiulan's class as students joyfully parade and sing in Chinese.

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January 2015 Video Highlights

In this video:

  • Wei Wei has students play a "pin the nose on the face" game to practice saying body parts and direction words in Chinese at Roton Middle School.
  • Ahmed Mohamed's Arabic students "get dressed" and race to put on clothes according to teacher directions in Arabic at Watertown Middle School.
  • Yang Ruirui's students choose a Chinese holiday to research and present about in their class at East-West School of International Studies.
  • Dalia Gad uses a competitive game to help Arabic students practice days of the week at Cowan Elementary School.

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December 2014 Video Highlights

This month's video features the following teachers:

  • Li Xiulan from Providence Elementary in Huntsville, Alabama teaches students about money and numbers;
  • Yasser El Deabes from Columbia Heights Educational Campus in Washington, DC uses the computer lab to review the usage of question words;
  • Wang Haiyan from Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia, conducts outreach where the students used shadow puppets to help tell the story of the Monkey King;
  • Mohamed Ali from Tomah Middle School in Tomah, Wisconsin, gives an outreach presentation about Egypt;
  • and Yang Jing from Walnut Elementary School in Walnut, California reads her students a story and asks questions in Chinese.

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