2016-2017 TCLP Video Contest Winner Heba Mokhtar's Advice for Exchange Teachers

The TCLP Impact

April Highlights Video

In this video:

Liu Xiaozhu (Battle Mountain High School, CO) shares what it is like to be an educator in China with students taking Education Exploration and their teacher.

Amira Hamed (Highland Middle School, NY) practices identifying Arabic long and short vowel sounds using movement and games with her students.

Gao Xingping (Lewis-Palmer High School, CO) teaches her students directions in Mandarin using movement and repetition.

Hassan Elghobaisy (Islands High School, GA) engages his students with a competitive drawing game to help them practice Arabic body part vocabulary.

Yu Aihua (Mingus Union High School, AZ) shows off how she used her Critical Languages Project grant to host a Chinese cultural fair for her school.

Duan Xuewen (Tenakil Middle School, NJ) uses music to excite her students about practicing numbers and speaking Mandarin.

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