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Michelle Kwan Welcomes TCLP Exchange Teachers

Senior ECA Advisor and two-time Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan greeted 17 teachers from China and Egypt at American Councils this July. The Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) exchange teachers were in Washington, D.C. for a 10-day orientation program designed to prepare them for a yearlong teaching experience in the U.S.

Ms. Kwan, a five-time figure skating world champion and previously a State Department Public Diplomacy Envoy, noted similarities between her experiences working with international student leaders, and the journey upon which the TCLP teachers were about to embark. She expressed her appreciation for the important work the international teachers would accomplish this year, encouraging them to "let this be a year that you inspire hundreds, thousands, because this is really a ripple effect of students". American Councils' President Dan Davidson echoed Ms. Kwan's words and warmly welcomed the teachers to the U.S on their first day in Washington, D.C.
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April 2013 Video Highlights

TCLP teachers present some of their best lessons as they finish up a successful year in their US classrooms.
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March 2013 Video Highlights

March video highlights feature charismatic TCLP teachers showing off some of the most engaging lessons of the month!
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February 2013 Video Highlights

TCLP teachers show off what they did for outreach and classroom lessons during February. Keep an eye out for activities related to Chinese Spring Festival!
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January 2012 Video Highlights

Watch to see how the TCLP teachers kicked the year off in and outside the classroom.
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December 2012 Video Highlights

These special video highlights are a compilation of Arabic and Mandarin lessons from videos that TCLP teachers sent in for the month of December. Watch the video to take a look into their classrooms!
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November 2012 Video Highlights

TCLP teachers across the country in Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Arizona share some of their engaging lesson plans and personal stories of their students' successes.
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October 2012 Video Highlights

In our October highlights, see how TCLP Arabic and Chinese teachers are getting into the swing of things!
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September 2012 Video Highlights

In September 2012 a new group of TCLP exchange teachers started the school year by engaging students in a wide range of interactive classroom activities.
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