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TCLP with Assistant Secretary of State Evan Ryan

Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Evan Ryan talks with the 2016-17 cohort of exchange teachers and mentors about the multiplier effect that TCLP teachers have in their schools and communities in the U.S. and in their home countries.

TCLP Highlights - April 2016

In this video:

  • Nohier Moussa uses an interactive learning activity for her students to learn animal names in Arabic
  • Tan Jin utilizes the TPR method in her classroom to engage her students in learning Mandarin Chinese
  • Hamdi Ahmed and his students participate in a competitive activity to practice colors in Arabic
  • Yang Huaixia shares Chinese culture and language with her students through Tai Chi.
  • Xia Zhi has students recreate traditional Chinese sundials to learn the Mandarin vocabulary for time.

TCLP- Samar Abdelfatah's Advice for Exchange Teachers

Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) exchange teacher Samar Abdelfatah shares her advice to future participants and her experiences at Peterson Elementary in Chicago, IL.Check out the video and join her on a cinematic journey!

TCLP- Tan Jin's Advice for TCLP Host Schools and Exchange Teachers

Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) exchange teacher Tan Jin shares her experiences at Naselle - Grays River School in Naselle, WA. Ms. Tan describes the specific ways her school supported her throughout the year and what exchange teachers can do to prepare for their year on TCLP.

TCLP Highlights - March 2016

In this video:

  • Ni Fenfen teaches her students to give directions in Mandarin.
  • Nashaat Mehany gives a presentation about current events in the Middle East to a local Rotary Club.
  • Amany Kasab's students role play a restaurant conversation.
  • Jia Lili introduces traditional Chinese festivals to the staff at her school in an outreach presentation.
  • Zheng Meng plays an active game with students to review the vocabulary for colors in Mandarin.

TCLP Highlights - February 2016

In this video:

  • Xing Yali's students perform a song for Chinese New Year.
  • Mohamed Kandeel helps his students practice greeting one another in Arabic.
  • Feng Nan teaches her students to say the colors in Mandarin.
  • Samar Abdelfatah's kindergarten students sing "I'm a Little Teapot" in Arabic..
  • Li Long organizes a singing and dancing show with students for Chinese New Year.

TCLP Highlights - January 2016

In this video:

  • Tan Jin taught her students the Mandarin Chinese words for positions and the students demonstrate their new vocabulary with finger puppets.
  • Mohamed Kandeel introduces Arabic vocabulary using song, rhythm, and Total Physical Response.
  • Samar Abdelfatah and her students practice the Arabic words for sports while passing a miniature basketball.
  • Yin Qian teaches staff, parents, and students at her school how to make Chinese Dumplings during a cultural outreach event.
  • Ni Fenfen has students practice sentence patterns using a competitive language activity.

TCLP Highlights - December 2015

In this video:

  • Feng Yu teaches her students to express their likes and dislikes in Chinese.
  • Hamdi Ahmed reviews active verbs using a game that gets students out of their seats.
  • Gu Zhen shows students how to use chopsticks during a cultural outreach session.
  • Tamer Elsharkawy presents at a professional development day for world language teachers at District of Columbia Public Schools.
  • Sun Qi uses the game "touch the balloon" to teach colors and direction words.

TCLP Highlights - November 2015

In this video:

  • Students in Li Long's Chinese class learn the words for different parts of the body and sing the song "head, shoulders, hands, and legs.
  • Amany connects her lesson on shapes with culture through student drawings and presentations on Arabesque art.
  • Lei Chen teaches her after school club a Chinese dance in Chinese.
  • Xing Yali's students learn about different foods and how to order food in Chinese through a role play.
  • Nashaat Mehany teaches greetings and introductions in Arabic to his evening class for community members.

TCLP Highlights - October 2015

In this video:

  • Students in Feng Nan's Mandarin class enthusiastically learn family member vocabulary through total physical response method.
  • In Hamdi Ahmed's Arabic class students role play as pupil and student to practice family member vocabulary.
  • Gu Zhen uses a competitive game for the whole class to learn the Mandarin words for fruit.
  • Ezzat Hassan utilizes Kahoot to integrate technology into Arabic language learning
  • Xia Zhi's student's put on a shadow puppet play based on a Mid-Autumn Festival legend