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TCLP Year in Review

2017 was a momentous year for the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) marking the end of TCLP’s celebration of its 10th group of teachers and the #TCLP10 campaign. The #TCLP10 campaign won the ECA social media award for best exchange program campaign!

In 2017, 50 TCLP teachers from Egypt, China, and Morocco taught their native language in the U.S. allowing over 7,000 U.S. K-12 students in 39 schools across 24 states to study Chinese and Arabic with a TCLP teacher.mThe teachers participated in over 2,000 hours of outreach in their communities visiting classrooms, retirement homes, cultural centers, volunteering and taking part in other activities to share their language and culture.

28 schools started new critical language programs in Chinese and Arabic and 11 schools expanded their current offerings with TCLP. TCLP looks forward to continuing to make a difference in 2018! For more information about TCLP visit www.tclprogram.org. #TCLPMakesADifference

TCLP Highlights - November 2017

In this video:

Lao Xiaojing (Joseph Jenks Middle School, RI) and her students play a game to review the days of the week

Passant Aly (Anne Chestnutt Middle School, NC) cooks Egyptian food with her students for lunch

Li Chunxia (Learning Community Charter School, NJ) meets with 1st graders to share the Chinese art of paper cutting

Zhu Xiaohong (Bodine High School for International Affairs, PA) converses about likes/dislikes with her students in Chinese

Mahmoud Dahroug (Irving Elementary, MT) practices sport and action words with his students

October Highlights Video

In this video:

Li Jing (Naselle-Gray River Valley School, WA) engages her students with movement to practice number 11-14.

Adel Ghattas (John Lavelle Preparatory Charter School, NY) uses storytelling to practice vocabulary and allow his students to practice conversational Arabic.

Cui Yi (Suder Montessori, IL) teaches her students numbers in Mandarin by using a competitive game to help them practice.

Ghada Shehata (Peterson Elementary School, IL) uses total physical response to teach her students body parts in Arabic.

Li Yi (Athens High School, OH) shares the legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival with her students and teaches them about this important Chinese holiday.

TCLP Highlights - September 2017

We start the 2017-2018 Monthly Highlights with the following clips:

  • Anas ElNahriry (J.W. Reason Elementary School, OH) and his students practice introducing others in Arabic with a guessing game.
  • Fan Xuezhen (Jackson High School, MI) and her students practice 4 key movements in Tai Chi club.
  • Howida Hassan (Peterson Elementary School, IL) teaches the names of family members to her Arabic immersion students.
  • Abdallah El Mouden (Bearden High School, TN) plays a game with students to review the Arabic letters.
  • Wu Yan (Andasol Elementary School, CA) shares a traditional Chinese nursery rhyme.

2016-2017 TCLP Video Contest Winner Heba Mokhtar's Advice for Exchange Teachers

Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) exchange teacher Heba Mokhtar shares her advice to future participants and her experiences at Garden Oaks Montessori in Houston, TX. Watch the video and learn about all her adventures! Heba won first prize in the 2016-2017 Video Contest for her entry.

The TCLP Impact

TCLP Mentor Teacher Claudia Larotta shares the impact of TCLP in her school and community. Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia was able to offer Mandarin as a language option for students in 2013 by hosting a TCLP exchange teacher. Today, the school's Mandarin program serves more than sixty students in the middle and high school and continues to grow.

April Highlights Video

In this video:

Liu Xiaozhu (Battle Mountain High School, CO) shares what it is like to be an educator in China with students taking Education Exploration and their teacher.

Amira Hamed (Highland Middle School, NY) practices identifying Arabic long and short vowel sounds using movement and games with her students.

Gao Xingping (Lewis-Palmer High School, CO) teaches her students directions in Mandarin using movement and repetition.

Hassan Elghobaisy (Islands High School, GA) engages his students with a competitive drawing game to help them practice Arabic body part vocabulary.

Yu Aihua (Mingus Union High School, AZ) shows off how she used her Critical Languages Project grant to host a Chinese cultural fair for her school.

Duan Xuewen (Tenakil Middle School, NJ) uses music to excite her students about practicing numbers and speaking Mandarin.

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TCLP Highlights - March 2017

In this video:

  • Wael Ahmed's students match the names of family members in Arabic to their English translations.
  • Ji Peipei teaches her students a poem to remember the days of the week in Chinese.
  • Gu Wenming’s students practice using the vocabulary for places in the community to ask questions.
  • Huang Yongqian teaches her students the vocabulary for family members in Chinese.
  • Heba Mokhtar’s Arabic students play a game to practice the vocabulary for clothing.

[Closed captioning in progress]

TCLP Highlights - February 2017

In this video:

  • Ahmed Abdelaziz (Peterson Elementary, IL) gets his students active and moving through TPR as they review Arabic verbs.
  • Cheng Li (Buxton Center Elementary School, ME) utilizes learning and memory activities to practice body parts in Mandarin.
  • Yahya Ismael (Lewiston High School, ME) engages students through interactive Arabic conversations that focus on descriptive adjectives.
  • Huang Shu (Envision Science Academy, NC) models a lesson for students which they use to lead their class and review Mandarin sentences and vocabulary with peers.
  • Gu Wenming (Captain Nathan Hale Middle School, CT) conducts a cultural outreach presentation that teaches students about Chinese Spring Festival.

[closed captioning in progress]

TCLP Highlights - January 2017

In this video:

  • Wang Yu reviews shapes and introduces turn around facts to her math immersion classroom.
  • Chen Ke’s students practice sentence patterns by acting out their daily schedules.
  • Mahmoud Hegazy presents and answers questions about ancient and modern Egypt.
  • Ma Jianhong gives a pop quiz on the Chinese New Year to his audience at a local senior center.
  • Wang Zheng introduces direction words in Chinese through songs, games, and a competition.

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