TCLP Teacher Profile- Howida Hassan

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 14:13

International education develops skills needed in the 21st century global community. See our teachers in action! Here is Howida Hassan, a TCLP alum.

October 2018 Highlights

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 18:41

TCLP- October 2018 Highlights

In this video:
• Liu Lu (Mesita Elementary School, TX) teaches her students colors in Chinese through song and using colored cards.
• Amal Botros (J.W. Reason Elementary, OH) plays a song for her 1st grade students as they act out the directions in the song.
• Wang Ling (Chariho Regional High School, RI) does a speaking exercise with her Chinese language students so they may practice telling each other basic information about themselves.
• Mohamed Abdalla (Campus International High School, OH) works with 9th grade Arabic students on introducing their family members.
• Chen Ken (Moos Elementary School, IL) practices a song in Chinese with her students.

September 2018 Highlights

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 14:58

In this video:

• Abdelrahaman Dawoud (Baltimore International Academy, MD) teaches students the family tree in Arabic in an immersion classroom.

• Li Jing (Bonny Eagle High School, ME) plays a game with students learning Chinese names of objects.

• Guo Jin (Suder Montessori Magnet Elementary School, IL) teaches students classic Chinese jump rope and songs.

• Abdelilah El Alaoui (Thomas Edison Language Institute, CA) works with beginner Arabic students on introductions.

• Gao Zixin (Batesville Primary School, IN) practices Chinese Tai Chi with students.

2017-2018 TCLP Video Contest Winner Cui Yi's Advice for Exchange Teachers

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 14:39

Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) exchange teacher Cui Yi shares her advice to future participants and her experiences at Suder Montessori in Chicago, IL. Watch the video and learn some great ways to prepare for the TCLP experience from Cui Yi and her puppet friends!

April Highlights Video

Wed, 05/09/2018 - 20:49

In this video:

Ji Guanping (STEP Academy. St. Paul, MN) Ji Guanping’s students learn how to go shopping and bargain in Chinese.

Mahmoud Dahroug (Irving Elementary, Bozeman, MT) Mahmoud’s students are having a conversation in Arabic to introduce themselves and ask about how they are doing.

Su Di (Bonny Eagle Middle School, Buxton, ME) Su Di plays Knucklebones with her students to teach them how to count numbers more than ten in Chinese.

Yasser Hassan (Leicester High School, Leicester, MA) helps his students practice talking about their favorite sports in Arabic.

Li Chunping (Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School, Coventry, CT) Li Chunping’s students make PowerPoint presentations to practice talking about their daily routine in Chinese.

March 2018 Highlights

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:50

Jiang Yajuan (LaSalle Language Academy, Chicago, IL) teaches her students how to use comparison in Chinese through a fun game.

Zhu Xiaohong (Bodine High School for International Affairs, Philadelphia, PA) plays a guessing game to teach her students the names of countries in Chinese.

Ghada Shehata (Peterson Elementary School, Chicago, IL) holds a class competition for her students to review the parts of the body in Arabic.

Cui Yi (Suder Montessori, Chicago, IL) teaches her students to lead their classmates in a trick game to learn the colors in Chinese.

Li Jing (Naselle-Grays River, Naselle, WA) reviews the Chinese words for body parts with her students through song and movement.

January 2018 Highlights

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:44

In this video:

Fan Xuezhen (Jackson High School, Jackson MI) challenges students to borrow classroom objects from each other with a round of hot potato.

Abdallah El Mouden (Bearden High School, Knoxville TN) helps his students practice the imperative verb form as well as rooms of the house vocabulary by having students tell one another to go to different rooms of the house.

Wang Jian (Tonopah Valley High School, Tonopah AZ) created a video to model for his students vocabulary associated with buying and bargaining.

Ahmed Badr (Lewiston High School, Lewiston ME) uses total physical response to help his students practice verbs in Arabic.

Zhang Wenjie (North Warren Regional School District, Blairstown NJ) practices colors with her class by having students lead the activity.

February Highlights

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 14:36

In this video:

Wu Yan (Andasol Elementary School, CA) and her students send best wishes for the Chinese New Year!

Howida Hassan (Baltimore International Academy, MD) challenges her students to practice their Arabic by talking about places they go to and activities they do there.

Ji Wenhua (Bonny Eagle High School, ME) teaches her students how to tell and read time using clocks that were handmade by the students.

Niu Xiuqing (Columbia High School, NJ) and her students celebrate the Spring Festival through many traditional Chinese activities.

Anas El Nahriry (JW Reason, OH) plays the drum while the students since a number song to practice their Arabic numbers.

TCLP Year in Review

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 20:54

2017 was a momentous year for the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) marking the end of TCLP’s celebration of its 10th group of teachers and the #TCLP10 campaign. The #TCLP10 campaign won the ECA social media award for best exchange program campaign!

In 2017, 50 TCLP teachers from Egypt, China, and Morocco taught their native language in the U.S. allowing over 7,000 U.S. K-12 students in 39 schools across 24 states to study Chinese and Arabic with a TCLP teacher.mThe teachers participated in over 2,000 hours of outreach in their communities visiting classrooms, retirement homes, cultural centers, volunteering and taking part in other activities to share their language and culture.

28 schools started new critical language programs in Chinese and Arabic and 11 schools expanded their current offerings with TCLP. TCLP looks forward to continuing to make a difference in 2018! For more information about TCLP visit #TCLPMakesADifference

TCLP Highlights - November 2017

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 20:55

In this video:

Lao Xiaojing (Joseph Jenks Middle School, RI) and her students play a game to review the days of the week

Passant Aly (Anne Chestnutt Middle School, NC) cooks Egyptian food with her students for lunch

Li Chunxia (Learning Community Charter School, NJ) meets with 1st graders to share the Chinese art of paper cutting

Zhu Xiaohong (Bodine High School for International Affairs, PA) converses about likes/dislikes with her students in Chinese

Mahmoud Dahroug (Irving Elementary, MT) practices sport and action words with his students