TCLP - February 2022 Highlights

Thu, 04/14/2022 - 18:29

In this video:

Sarah Elgammal’s (Ashford School) students sing a song during their Arabic music class.

Hu Qian (Western High School) leads her students in a game to practice saying the months of the year in Mandarin.

Mohamed Salem Tiguit’s (Frederick Douglass School) students present a skit about going to a restaurant in Arabic.

Wang Zhenglin (Batesville Primary School) reviews Lunar New Year vocabulary with her students.

TCLP - January 2022 Highlights

Mon, 02/28/2022 - 17:12

In this video:

Sun Quanfang’s (Ewa Makai Middle School) students rehearse a song in Mandarin for an upcoming performance celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Zhang Xiaolin’s (Wiggs Middle School) students give a presentation in Mandarin on “My School Life” using vocabulary on hobbies and school subjects.

Mohamed El Ouardi (Plantation Middle School) leads students in a word-recognition game to reinforce days of the week vocabulary.

Xu Quansai (Batesville Intermediate School) teaches students in PE class traditional tai chi movements and names.

TCLP - December 2021 Highlights

Fri, 02/04/2022 - 19:28

In this video:

Wang Rennyu (EastSide Charter School) reinforces color vocabulary with an active game and conversation practice.

Sarah Elgammal’s (Ashford School) students design their own lessons and teach their classmates about weather vocabulary in Arabic.

Chen Xiaoyun (Tonopah Valley High School) teaches students how to make Chinese dumplings and asks them to describe the activity in the target language.

Zeng Xiaolian (Beethoven Secondary) leads students in an interactive activity to reinforce animal vocabulary.

TCLP - November 2021 Highlights

Wed, 01/05/2022 - 18:47

In this video:

Wu Jiaman (Edward E. Sadlowski Elementary, IL) teaches vocabulary and sentence patterns by teaching students a song called “What’s Your Name?”

Mohamed Salem Tiguit (Frederick Douglass High School, KY) asks students to present the colors in different national flags to reinforce vocabulary and speaking skills.

Zhang Wenyu (West Park Academy, IL) teaches students how to ask and respond to the question “What color is it?” and leads them in a game.

Xu Quansai (Batesville Intermediate School, IN) leads students in a song and interviews them about their favorite colors to reinforce vocabulary.

TCLP - October 2021 Highlights

Mon, 12/06/2021 - 20:57

In this video:

Chen Xiaoyun (Tonopah Valley High School, AZ) shares the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with local students during community outreach.

Wang Zhenglin (Batesville Primary School, IN) leads activities in which students reinforce vocabulary for family members and practice talking about their families.

Mohamed El Ouardi (Plantation Middle School, FL) leads a game in which students listen to commands in Arabic and respond appropriately.

Zeng Xiaolian (Beethoven Secondary, TX) reinforces vocabulary with an interactive activity where students practice identifying common daily expressions.

TCLP - September 2021 Highlights

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 21:20

In this video:

Sun Quanfang (Ewa Makai Middle School, HI) leads an activity where students practice asking and answering the question “What is the date?” as quickly and correctly as possible.

Sarah Elgammal (Ashford School, CT) models introducing herself in Arabic and listens while each student practices introducing themselves to the class.

Wang Rennyu (EastSide Charter School, DE) leads an activity where students identify the pinyin sound they hear by slapping the corresponding card on the table.

Mohamed Salem Tiguit (Frederick Douglass High School, KY) reinforces vocabulary with an interactive activity where students practice naming the days of the week in Arabic.

Hu Qian (Western High School, FL) models a tongue twister for students, then leads an activity where students recite the tongue twister as a group one word at a time.

TCLP - March 2020 Highlights

Mon, 04/20/2020 - 19:44

In this video:

• Deng Xinxin (Scioto Darby Elementary School) leads an “ask and answer” game in Mandarin where students practice speaking about body parts in pairs.

• Tamer Genedy (Washington Latin Public Charter School) is learning about health and safety with his students who are presenting on coronavirus prevention in Arabic.

• Wang Xiaoyue (Beethoven Secondary) is also practicing body parts with her students who take turns calling out Mandarin vocabulary and drawing facial features on a poster.

• Huang Can (Plantation Middle School) reviews the family members in Chinese and helps the students practice writing vocabulary through a counting exercise.

TCLP - February 2020 Highlights

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 16:08

In this video:

• Zhang Mengmeng (Moos Elementary School, IL) teaches elementary school students about sports in Chinese by encouraging them to stand up and shout out the sports they like during a sports spirit day at school.

• Wessam Abdelnaby (J.W. Reason Elementary School, OH) teaches students the directions in Arabic through dancing along with lyrics including “front, back, up, and down.”

• Liang Yan (Mesita Elementary, TX) teaches the Chinese song “Little Rats” in the year of the rat to her students who perform the song with singing and dancing on the stage.

• Amany Malek (Leicester Middle School, MA) teaches a lesson about Arabic pronunciation by having students match syllable cards together to spell their names.

• Chen Yanyi (Lane Tech College Prep high school, IL) conducts a Chinese Talent Show where students ask and answer each other questions about their family members in Chinese.

TCLP - January 2020 Highlights

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 19:36

In this video:

• Li Ning (Chariho Regional High School) practices a Happy New Year song with his students during the first week of class in 2020.

• Manal Salem (Nicotra Early College Charter School, NY) asks students to identify vocabulary related to rooms of the house through a competitive game.

• Hu Xiaomin (Tonopah Valley High School) uses a student-centered game in class to review vocabulary related to family members.

• Mouloud Mahi (Irving Elementary) checks students’ mastery of Arabic numbers through a group activity that uses both interpretive and presentational skills.

• Liang Min (Western High School) uses an inner-outer circle activity to guide a student discussion about their likes and dislikes.

TCLP - December 2019 Highlights

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 17:11

In this video:

• Chen Jinsong (Jackson High School, MI) uses a song and dance to review introductions and teach vocabulary related to nationalities.

• Yasser Beshay (Theodore Roosevelt High School, DC) helps his students practice conversations regarding rooms of the house.

• Gu Lin (Vista Heritage Global Academy, CA) conducts an outreach activity on Chinese calligraphy with elementary students.

• Wessam Abdelnaby (J.W. Reason Elementary School, OH) reinforces clothing vocabulary with her students by having them describe what they are wearing.

• Deng Xinxin (Scioto Darby Elementary School, OH) teaches a lesson about the animals of the Chinese zodiac and practices vocabulary through a song.