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School Project
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Ni Fenfen, former TCLP Exchange teacher, received a CLP Grant for a project for students to do an in-depth exploration of Chinese culture and art. The project involved two field trips to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. The first field trip included a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum to see Chinese art treasures, and students also participated in a Chinese Culture & Cuisine festival. Through this field trip, students were given the opportunity to cultivate appreciation for Chinese art, had access to stunning Chinese cultural activities in the festival, and enjoyed authentic Chinese food. The second field trip included a visit to the University of Arizona to take part in their Chinese Health Day, which included activities like exhibitions, games, musical performance, Chinese lion dance, dance performance, fashion show, Chinese martial arts, lecture, and a Chinese proficiency competition. Students were given a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine and health philosophy. In addition to the field trips, the project supported developing teaching and learning materials for the Mandarin classes and the Chinese Club: "Joy Luck Club", in the hope of enhancing club members’ awareness of Chinese culture. The Joy Luck Club organized a New Year celebration in Mingus Union High School cafeteria to enhance the local community members’ awareness of Chinese culture. Teachers, office staff, students, parents, sister school students, and parents and other community members were invited to take part in this celebration. Through the club activity they hoped to get more students learning Mandarin next year and also let more community members know about Chinese culture.