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Professional Development Project
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TCLP alumnus Ahmed Mohamed received a CLP grant to offer a five-day professional development workshop for 40 English teachers from Etay El Baroud District in Egypt. The goal of the workshop was to help teachers incorporate American culture in their English classes and to improve their ability to do peer observations, give constructive feedback, and reflect on their teaching methods. Mr. Ahmed saw a need for students to move beyond language learning and to add depth to their studies by including American culture into their English classes to increase their intercultural communication skills. During the workshop, Mr. Ahmed and another TCLP alumnus, Ez Eldin, worked as trainers and discussed their experiences living and teaching in the U.S. for a year. Mr. Ahmed also invited other trainers who were well-informed in peer and reflective teaching to lead in-person sessions and 3 U.S. teachers to conduct virtual presentations over Skype. Funds from the grant were used to purchase materials and supplies for the workshop.


"Upon my return from my exchange program [with] TCLP I found that it is my duty to pass [on] my experience [with the] American Educational system and best practices in EFL teaching" said Mr. Ahmed. "I have a steadfast belief that this grant was given to the Egyptian people and not to me personally."