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TCLP teacher Zhu Xiaohong collaborated with the Philadelphia World Affairs Council to take 45 students to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and then to Philadelphia’s Chinatown to experience authentic Chinese food and Lunar New Year festival activities. Prior to the field trip, students learned new vocabulary and content relating to Chinese art, food, and festivals, highlighting the connection between Chinese language and culture.During the field trip, students participated in an hour long Chinese art lesson at the museum, led by one of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s student educators. The lesson taught students about the pieces of art in the Chinese collection at the museum, connecting the artwork to the history and culture of China. During the restaurant visit, students practiced the Chinese table manners that they learned in class and confidently spoke to the restaurant staff in Mandarin Chinese to say please, thank you, etc. Xiaohong conducted impromptu lessons at the restaurant when she saw opportunities to teach students new vocabulary, phrases, or something about Chinese culture that they were seeing or experiencing in the restaurant. These trips not only strengthened students’ skills and interest in taking Mandarin as a foreign language, but also allowed them to experience a foreign culture in a fun, stimulating way that many had never had the opportunity to before.