Arabic Camp Day

Emad Gerges's "Arabic Camp Day" Project strives to encourage elementary, middle, and high school students in Oxford, Mississippi to enroll in Arabic classes by putting on an outreach event that showcases aspects of the Arabic language and culture. The event recruits local college students who have been studying Arabic to run several different stations that prospective students rotate between.

Come On! Let Me Show You This Beautiful World!

Chi Jiu-Ching's "Come On! Let Me Show You This Beautiful World!" Project aims to facilitate an opportunity for her students to explore Chinese culture and language through food and cultural exchanges with Taiwanese students. Ms. Chi's Mandarin students at Vanguard Van Gogh Elementary and Secondary School learn to cook several different Taiwanese dishes eaten to celebrate the Lunar New Year, sharing these dishes with their parents, teachers, and the local community. Ms. Chi's students will go on field trips to local areas and share these experiences in Mandarin with Taiwanese students.

Arabic Culture Day

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During the “Arabic Cultural Day,” Ms. Ismael's students held an after-school event to showcase their acquired Arabic language skills and promote the middle school's Arabic program to the school, teachers, and parents.

2023 Chinese New Year Celebration

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Ms. Huang's "2023 Chinese New Year Celebration” project invited students, teachers and staff, parents, and community members to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Ms. Huang coordinated and organized the day-long event, during which students and teachers prepared a song to perform on stage for parents and the community.

Cooking Lessons and Moroccan Soiree

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Mr. Hayab's "Cooking Lessons and a Moroccan Soirée" project had two phases. In the first phase, project participants took part in Moroccan cooking and culture classes, and in the second, participants organized a Moroccan Soiree in Ramadan for the community members.

Arabic Hub

This project will create an Arabic Club where students will demonstrate competence in using Arabic before a large audience. Parents and community members will participate in curriculum night and cultural events. We will host a forum where the community and school staff will learn about the education, culture, cuisine, customs, traditions, and daily life in Egypt. The project will promote and reinforce the Arabic language, students'  fluency, and knowledge of the Egyptian culture.

Chinese Cultural Immersion Trip: Art Work, Food and Festivals

Deadline Date

TCLP teacher Zhu Xiaohong collaborated with the Philadelphia World Affairs Council to take 45 students to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and then to Philadelphia’s Chinatown to experience authentic Chinese food and Lunar New Year festival activities. Prior to the field trip, students learned new vocabulary and content relating to Chinese art, food, and festivals, highlighting the connection between Chinese language and culture.During the field trip, students participated in an hour long Chinese art lesson at the museum, led by one of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s student educators.

Host Share Transportation and Housing Costs

Deadline Date

Madison East High School and Plymouth High School co-hosted TCLP teacher, Mahmoud Hegazy, for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year. Both high schools previously hosted TCLP teachers for Arabic and continued their programs through facilitated language class where students study an Arabic curriculum independently, participate in weekly skype sessions from university tutors, and communicate with local Arabic speakers. In order to generate further enthusiasm for both programs the school developed a unique schedule for Mr. Hegazy that gave each class individual time with him. Mr.

Arabic International Festival

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Mr. El-Dwiny, along with the faculty and staff at John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School, will host an international festival with an emphasis on the Arabic world. Mr. El-Dwiny plans for the festival to provide cross-cultural outreach to students, parents, the community, principals from other schools and local media. He and his students will organize exhibitions on Arabic culture and history, a fashion show of Arabic clothes, music, and videos showing Arabic and Middle East culture.