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School Project
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TCLP Host School Alumni Pratt Community School’s Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson was awarded funding for a grant titled “Arabic Language in the World Today”. This proposal included the creation of an Arabic Language Café, where students and their families can practice their Arabic skills in a 'real life' environment. Students used Arabic to create signage for the restaurant, menus, and table learning opportunities. Students waited on tables and utilized their Arabic skills in the ordering and serving of food. The project also implemented an Arabic club for students in upper grades at Pratt School, and provided Arabic Language Instruction to adults living in the Pratt/University of Minnesota community. The project was considered an overall success because of the joy of learning that it created. Over 400 individuals participated in the first Arabic Café. It was so popular with the students and families, that the school organized 11 more Arabic Café experiences. All of the adults who participated in the Community Education class enjoyed the experience and found it educational. Many of the adults and students who participated in the Arabic classes were interested in continuing their mastery of Arabic.