Eman Bekheet

Eman Bekheet is from Alexandria, Egypt . She holds a Bachelor degree in Arts and Education from Alexandria University. Ms. Eman has taught English at Ghait Elenab Prep School for Girls since 2009. She is interested in reading, travelling and music. Ms. Bekheet hopes that this program will enable the American students to improve their language skills and use their language for communication. Furthermore, she believes that TCLP program is a perfect chance to share new ideas and teaching techniques in both countries. She wants to get a better and clear understanding of the American society and share her experience with her colleagues and students in Egypt. All in all, Ms. Eman believes both countries will benefit from TCLP as an exchange program in different ways. She views TCLP as a perfect chance to understand the historical, cultural and educational practices in the United States. She also needs to learn more about the social life in the US. Ms. Eman is the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leader for the Egypt 2013-2014 group. She was an alumni buddy for the 2017-2018 year.
Arabic Teacher
Program Year
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