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School Project
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TCLP exchange teacher Tan Lihua received a CLP grant to establish the Chinese Language Club, an intensive Chinese language program that provides extra learning activities to students who are interested in learning more about Chinese language and culture, and the Chinese Club Newsletter an online Newsletter that provides a report and summary to Chinese Language Club members who participated in different club activities. Students participated in the following activities: a Chinese culture and arts show, a shadow puppet play, making Chinese knots, a traditional Chinese fashion show, making Chinese tea, reading Chinese Books, Chinese calligraphy, playing Chinese cards game, learning Chinese songs, video-conferencing with Chinese students in China to learn more from each other, a lecture from a Chinese calligrapher from the Overseas Chinese Culture Athletic and Arts Federation (OCCAAF), and Chinese Cultural field trips to the international market, Buddhism temple, and a authentic Chinese restaurant.


After the engaging Chinese club activities, students greatly improved their Chinese language skills, which included their Chinese writing and speaking. The Chinese language club largely increased students’ cultural awareness about Chinese culture and arts through diverse Chinese cultural activities and lessons to immerse students into Chinese Culture and language.