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School Project
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Ji Guanping’s (2017-2019) project aimed to enhance students’ cross-cultural understanding and increase their interest in learning about Chinese language and culture. Activities included Chinese New Year poster making, Chinese calligraphy for decoration, appreciating artwork of China and other Asian countries, and trying Chinese food by ordering in the target language in an authentic Chinese restaurant. A culminating event was held simultaneously with parent/teacher conferences for the students to share their experiences and knowledge and celebrate the Chinese New Year. Through the project, not only students, but also their family members and friends learned about Chinese culture and traditions. Overall, 28 students, 12 teachers, and 55 parents benefited from this project and expanded their cultural appreciation of China and awareness of the Mandarin program at STEP. Guanping’s principal and board members were impressed by the project and are excited for the continuing the Mandarin Chinese program in the future.