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School Project
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Abdelhady Ali (2008-2009) received a CLP grant to found an American Culture Club at Gharbiya STEM School in Tanta, Egypt. Through this club, 100 students will have the opportunity to learn about American films, food, games, dance, music, sports, and holidays, as well as other elements of American culture. Students will also have the opportunity, as part of the American Culture Club, to attend workshops and field trips. Additionally, the club will purchase quality instructional materials to promote the English language program at the school. Through this club, students will be engaged in the study of English through experiential learning and be inspired to continue their study of the language. Students will not be the only beneficiaries; faculty and staff members of the school will also have the opportunity to participate in club activities, as well as community members and teachers from other schools. The club will therefore serve to promote the cultivation of a multicultural educational environment in Tanta.