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School Project
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Mr. Ali developed an American Cultural Club at Gharbiya STEM School in Tanta, Egypt. This project included various activities, experiential learning and direct interaction that motivated and inspire students in their English learning. The CLP funding was used to bring the American English and culture to Egyptian students. The club was one of a kind in Tanta, Egypt. The American Cultural Club strives to reinforce tolerance for all people within the community and school. The American Culture Club provided students with engaging workshops, learning materials, resources, and field trips for members. Initially the club was planned for 50 students, but 100 students requested to become members of the American culture club. In addition to the students 35 teachers and 45 parents and community members also participated in the club's various activities and got exposed to American culture by acting American scenes, cooking American food, drawing American culture related posters, making presentations about important topics in the US, listening to American music, practicing American dancing and participating in field-trips. As part of the club’s activities Mr. Ali arranged a visit to the American University in Cairo to meet and discuss U.S. culture with American professors and other Americans.These activities motivated students, teachers, and community members to participate and support the American culture club activities.