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School Project
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Gu Zhen, Current TCLP Teacher, will hold a Chinese language and learning festival at her host school Wright Elementary. The purpose of this project is to engage every student in Chinese culture. Every class will perform on stage and further participate in several cultural activities. There will be Chinese culture display at the school that will include posters on topics such as cuisine, festivals, costumes, movies, traditions, and places of interest. The introduction of culture through posters will be followed by a school and community wide celebration. Kindergartners and first graders will perform Chinese songs. The second grade will do an exhibition show and display: Chinese fans,lanterns, knots, masks, chopsticks, boats, pictures, and couplets. Fifth Graders will present a play about a Chinese legend. The teachers will wear Chinese traditional clothes and also be part of the event. Third grader will work with coaches on field day and they will supervise Chinese sports and activities such as playing ping pong and jumping among the bamboo. Gu Zhen will invite students from other schools and people in the community to be a part of the celebration as well. She expects students and the Fort Walton Beach community will learn a lot about Chinese heritage and language.