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School Project
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Mentor teacher Debby Page (2016-2018) and exchange teacher Li Chunping (2017-2018) organized a unit (using the Franklin Institute's Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor K-12 Educators' Guide) focused on the story and science behind the terracotta warriors, exploring Chinese culture, history and language with their students. Working with library media specialists at their school, Ms. Page and Ms. Li Chunping guided students in a virtual field trip to the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an, China. Additionally, students evaluated and analyzed information on the topic found in print and multimedia sources. 50 students then participated in a field trip to the Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. At the Franklin Institute, they explored the interactive Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor exhibit. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, students participated in a docent led tour of Chinese art. Students then visited Philadelphia's Chinatown to partake in an authentic Chinese meal. Following the field trip, students engaged with focus questions and worked collaboratively to create a class presentation and video which was shared at grade level assemblies. The video was also shared at the school-wide Morning Show, a reception for Board of Education members, and a PTO Meeting, providing an opportunity for students to highlight the advantages of studying Chinese language and culture in order to promote support for the Chinese program and to encourage enrollments.