Project Type
School Project
Award Project Round

The students are going to be pen pals between my host school in Chicago, Illinois and my home school in China. In order to experience Chinese culture, the students who participate in the pen pal activity in America are going to Chinatown in downtown Chicago in May as a field trip. The students will taste Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant, they will be able to apply their ability to use chopsticks. They will also look at the architecture there, they will take the activities we did. They will also create the projects for their pen pals or write their experience to their pen pal friends in China after this trip. They will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in Chinese in the project.

The students who participate in pen pal activity in China are going to do hand tie-dry with some fabrics, dyestuff and show it to their pen pals by videos in March and in May, it’s one of the traditional Chinese cultures and it will help American pen pals to know more about China and Chinese culture. All these activities will promote better cultural understanding between the students.