Project Type
School Project
Award Project Round

Lo Yu-Ting's "Making Connections for Global Understanding" Project strives to enhance her students' Chinese language proficiency as well as their understanding of Chinese culture. One part of the project focuses on Ms. Lo's students at Sauk Prairie High School connecting virtually with Taiwanese students for monthly discussions and participating in exchanges of various items, including artifacts representing their respective cultures and festive Christmas and Lunar New Year postcards. Ms. Lo's students also go on a field trip to Chinatown and the Chinese American Museum of Chicago, after which they share their experiences with their Taiwanese counterparts through a multimedia presentation. The project culminates in a cultural showcase by Ms. Lo's students, in which they present Chinese arts, handcrafts, and project outcomes to their local community. Ms. Lo's project aims to nurture cultural awareness, enhance language skills, promote community cohesion, and prepare students to be global citizens, fostering a deeper understanding of global perspectives and cross-cultural connections.