Come On! Let Me Show You This Beautiful World!

Chi Jiu-Ching's "Come On! Let Me Show You This Beautiful World!" Project aims to facilitate an opportunity for her students to explore Chinese culture and language through food and cultural exchanges with Taiwanese students. Ms. Chi's Mandarin students at Vanguard Van Gogh Elementary and Secondary School learn to cook several different Taiwanese dishes eaten to celebrate the Lunar New Year, sharing these dishes with their parents, teachers, and the local community. Ms. Chi's students will go on field trips to local areas and share these experiences in Mandarin with Taiwanese students.

Sister Schools Project

Deadline Date

Wang Ling received a CLP grant to build a sister school relationship between her host school in Rhode Island, Chariho Regional High School, and her home school in China, No.1 High School of Liuyang. The main goals of the project were to coordinate regular virtual exchanges for students at both schools, offer professional development opportunities for teachers in the U.S. and China to share best practices, establish exchange programs for Chinese students to study at Chariho Regional High School as international students and for U.S.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Language Classes through School Partnerships

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Ezzat Hassan (2015-2016) will be leading a field trip for students at his home school, Gesfa Secondary School for Girls, to Cairo to visit sites of cultural and historical interest. During this field trip, students will have the opportunity to practice English in a particular context. Prior to the field trip, students will have the opportunity to learn about American culture through webinars held by teachers at Ezzat's host school, Mentor High School. Following the field trip, Egyptian students will share their experiences on the trip with students in Arabic classes at Mentor.

Collaborative Projects between Students in the U.S. and in China

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TCLP Host School Alumna Veronique Lahey was awarded funding to create a collaborative learning environment between Mandarin students at Arlington High School in Massachusetts and Exchange Teacher Alumnus Yu Bo’s home school in China. To accomplish this goal, Lahey used an interactive whiteboard, blogs, and videoconferencing software to share student-created videos, facilitate virtual discussions, and assign chat buddies for all students.

Joint-Classroom Project

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2013 alumna exchange teacher, Tan Lihua, received a CLP grant to help implement a Joint-Classroom Project between her U.S. host school district and her home school in China. The goal of the project was to facilitate opportunities for students in the U.S. and China to develop oral and written communication skills in their target languages, learn about one another's cultures and traditions, and ultimately formalize a sister school partnership between JN Fries Magnet School and Concord High School in North Carolina and Da Zu High School in Chongqing, China.