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School Project
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Zhang Wenjie (2017-2018) received, with mentor teacher Ivy Yiu (2017-2018), a CLP grant to hold, at the North Warren Multi-cultural fair, an event that will introduce the folk art of Chinese fan-making to the school district and community. As part of the FANtasy project, students enrolled Mandarin I and those in the North Warren Chinese Club will perform a traditional Chinese fan dance and sing a traditional Chinese folk song. Students attending will have the opportunity to learn and share about the cultural meanings and history of Chinese paper fans by painting fans, using the techniques of calligraphy and ink-wash painting. Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to make a digital fan through a cellphone application and to make posters for the event. This event will serve to promote the development of the incipient Mandarin Chinese program in the school district through engaging cultural activities.