Egyptian/American Wax Museum

Students from Ashford School created their own Egyptian/American wax museum exhibits after they participated in a field trip to the Wadsworth Atheneum to see Egyptian art and the Connecticut Science Center to view the Mummies of the World exhibit.

Arabic Hub

This project will create an Arabic Club where students will demonstrate competence in using Arabic before a large audience. Parents and community members will participate in curriculum night and cultural events. We will host a forum where the community and school staff will learn about the education, culture, cuisine, customs, traditions, and daily life in Egypt. The project will promote and reinforce the Arabic language, students'  fluency, and knowledge of the Egyptian culture.

Lifting Arabic Language Awareness

Lifting Arabic Language Awareness is intended to introduce, teach, and grow the Arabic language skills among members of the Winooski, VT community.  Adult participants will have the opportunity to learn Modern Standard Arabic through weekly conversational classes led by a qualified instructor, while children and their families will be invited to attend bilingual story-times followed by an activity centered on the culture, practices, and traditions of the Middle East.

A Taste of China

Deadline Date

Ivy Yiu received a CLP for “A Taste of China,” which is a unit of study and part of the curriculum for the Mandarin Chinese classes. Students currently enrolled in the school’s Mandarin Chinese class learned about Chinese Tea history, Gongfu Tea Ceremony - how to conduct the tea ceremony, and Chinese tea culture. The culminating learning activity was to show case what students have learned of language and culture at the North Warren Regional Multicultural Fair. Each year, North Warren Regional School hosts a community-wide Multicultural Fair.

Chinese New Year

Deadline Date

Wu Ning (Ewa Makai Middle School, 2018-2019) and LeeAnn Manuel (Ewa Makai Middle School, 2018-2019) received a CLP grant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Wu Ning and her mentor teacher LeeAnn Manuel received a CLP grant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The celebration was part of the school’s project “Tiger Fest” – a day open to students and community members.

Chinese New Year Week

Deadline Date

Shen Yan (Tonopah Valley High School, 2018-2019) and Michael Valdez (Tonopah Valley High School, 2018-2019) received a CLP grant for a Chinese New Year Week. The event was held during Spring Festival. Chinese teacher organized the celebration of this festival with students, teachers, and parents from the U.S. host school. The Chinese New Year Week lasted for four days. Each day had a different topic for celebration. The first day there was papercutting demonstration. The seconds day was dedicated to a calligraphy workshop to create couplets.

Arabic Week Celebration

Deadline Date

Adbelrahman Dawoud (Baltimore International Academy, 2018-2019) and Henriette Sindjui (Baltimore International Academy, 2018-2019) received a CLP grant for an Arabic Week Celebration which will include activities for students in the Arabic immersion program and students and parents in the Arabic Language Club. Activities included a guest speaker, exhibits of students’ work, music, and performances. Before the celebration, students and teachers worked in the language club to learn songs, dances, and other performances.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Deadline Date

Zou Feili (Bodine High School for International Affairs, 2018-2019) and Kasey Trapp (Bodine High School for International Affairs, 2018-2019) received a CLP grant to hold a "Lunar New Year Celebration." Through the project funds they organized an after-school event open to all students and faculty members at Bodine High School for International Affairs. The event was primarily organized and implemented by current Chinese 2 students.

LaSalle Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Deadline Date

Bridget Veitch (LaSalle Language Academy, 2018-2019), Kong Yanli (LaSalle Language Academy, 2018-2019), and Wang Xia (LaSalle Language Academy, 2018-2019) received a CLP grant for LaSalle Language Academy to hold a Spring Festival Celebration to teach the students and parent community about the Chinese New Year. The Spring festival at LaSalle will include student performances, authentic Chinese performers, a raffle, and silent auction items. It served the dual purpose of starting a fundraising campaign to help finance a potential TCLP teacher for LaSalle for the 2019/20 school year.


Deadline Date

Zhang Wenjie (2017-2018) received, with mentor teacher Ivy Yiu (2017-2018), a CLP grant to hold, at the North Warren Multi-cultural fair, an event that will introduce the folk art of Chinese fan-making to the school district and community. As part of the FANtasy project, students enrolled Mandarin I and those in the North Warren Chinese Club will perform a traditional Chinese fan dance and sing a traditional Chinese folk song.