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School Project
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Shi Cuilian (2016-2017), with assistance from Development Director Jennifer Hughes, will hold a Dragon Boat Festival at the Learning Community Charter School (LCCS) in New Jersey this spring. This event will give students and parents the opportunity to expand, broaden, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and language. The festival will incorporate music, dance performances, arts, crafts, and food. Leading up to the event, fourth grade students will study a unit about the Dragon Boat Festival and its inspiration, poet Qu Yuan, and will collaborate with students from a school in Tianjin, China. The LCCS 4th Grade students will spend part of May creating projects about Qu Yuan while the Chinese student participants will create corresponding works about a noteworthy American poet. As part of the festival, LCCS will present their Qu Yuan projects and display those made by their Chinese peers. The LCCS Dragon Boat Festival project will culminate in a field trip for current Chinese language students.