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School Project
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Mentor teacher Jacqueline Coe and TCLP Chinese teacher Zhao Yanzhen at Bow High School in Bow, NH implemented a project entitled: “Chinese Language: Practice, Outreach, and Sustainability”. The project contained three subcomponents aimed at enhancing and increasing critical language learning and outreach. A field trip to Boston’s Chinatown targeted a total of 40 current Chinese students and students in the Chinese Club that might be interested in enrolling in Chinese classes in the future. As part of the project a community-wide Spring Festival Celebration gave current students another opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills through performances, stations, and games played with an estimated 200 Festival attendees. Finally, a Chinese Academy was developed for students in Grades 3-8 to allow them to self-select an additional Chinese class during their regular schedule once a week. Younger students gained additional exposure to Chinese as a result of this Academy, which is being designed in partnership with the University of New Hampshire to ensure a more sustainable Chinese Academy that will continue in future years.