Project Type
School Project
Award Project Round

All 472 students in Batesville Intermediate School participated in introductory Chinese calligraphy classes during the school day and 41 students signed up to participate in after school calligraphy clubs to learn even more. This all took place as part of my TCLP outreach. And I learned that during the first two sections the students love Chinese calligraphy very much, so chose 24 of the most brilliant students to continue practicing calligraphy with me in the morning as the third section and use their work to create a mural that will be placed in our school and on a building in the Batesville downtown center. The 24 students will write characters from a famous Chinese poem called "On the Stork Tower", and another selected 15 students will paint pictures to illustrate the poem. The mural in our school will be paid for by a grant from the John and Joan Hillenbrand VISION Fund ($1,584). The CLP grant money will pay for the mural in the downtown center.