Lesson Plan
7 hours 49 min ago
1. Students will be able to know some adjectives to describe people’s characters 2. Students will be able to talk about their characters using the sentence structure: 我很……, which means I am very … in English.
Lesson Plan
12 hours 15 min ago
At the end of the lesson, students: Say their hobbies in Chinese, for example; Can use the following sentence to ask and answer their hobbies. A: 你有什么爱好? B: 我喜欢_打篮球 ,你呢? A: 我喜欢画画。
17 hours 16 min ago
1. use polite language:谢谢,不客气;对不起,,没关系。 2. pronounce(pinyin) finals: a o e i u ü b p m f d t n l 3. Express their nations and nationalities in Chinese. 4. Know the basic Chinese stroke and stroke order and practice writing characters. 5. Introduce their family members, including their family relationship, name, age and occupation.
Lesson Plan
17 hours 48 min ago
Learners can: • Tell the different weather during the week or seasons • Describe the weather in the day • Exchange their preference of weather. • Write down different weather and countries from a song. Culture: Understand that Arab countries use centigrade measuring temperature not Fahrenheit.
Lesson Plan
18 hours 1 min ago
1.students can say sports in Chinese. 2.students can ask and answer "What are your hobbies?"
Lesson Plan
18 hours 22 min ago
1. Students can say color in Chinese. Students can ask and answer about the color. 2. Students can do the rotate work after learning color.
Lesson Plan
1 day 19 hours ago
students will be able to 1) make dumpling at home; 2) say 饺子, 包饺子, 吃饺子. 3) say 我喜欢吃…,我不喜欢吃;…
Lesson Plan
2 days 4 hours ago
After this lesson, students will be able to … 1. Understand the four main characters and story of Journey to the West more deeply. 2. Identify and say eight colors in Chinese: 红色,黄色,蓝色,绿色,橙色,紫色,黑色,白色(red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white). 3. Introduce the colors by using the sentence patter: 这是…色。(This is … color.)
Lesson Plan
3 days 15 hours ago
By the end of the lesson Ss can - identify some new words : ينشىء - المجتمعات – ملامح - دولة مدينة – إقليم - خرائط – مدن - أطلس - differentiate between the different prepositions فى – على – تحت – بين
Lesson Plan
5 days 9 hours ago
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 1. Say correctly the names of animals in Arabic. 2. Write accurately the names of animals in Arabic. 3. Use effectively the expression 'I have seen …" ( ...رأيت) in Arabic.