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Lesson Plan
10 hours 10 min ago
1.Students should know how to say happy new year in Chinese and the hand gesture. 2.Students should know some of the traditions of Chinese New Year. 3.Students should understand people from different place may have different culture and festivals. 4.Students should be able to sing the Chinese New Year song and greet to each other.
Lesson Plan
1 day 4 hours ago
1- Students will be able to recognize different clothes items in Arabic. 2- Students will be able to say the Arabic names of some clothes. 3- Students will be able to ask and answer questions about the clothes they are wearing.
Lesson Plan
1 day 7 hours ago
1. The students should know the 6 Chinese characters: 日 sun, 月 moon, 山 mountain, 水 water, 火 fire,木 wood 2. The students are able to understand the concept of Chinese pictograph that most of the Chinese characters came form the images of the real objects in the nature.
Lesson Plan
2 days 9 hours ago
vocabulary of different hobbies
Lesson Plan
2 days 18 hours ago
Goals (What should students know & be able to do by the end of the unit?): 1. Know how to greet their peers and ask their names in Chinese 2. Know the four periods in a day which are often used in Chinese 3. Be able to recognize the relevant words and expressions and 4. Ask/answer questions in Chinese 5. Learn some Chinese Pinyin. And can pronounce some Chinese characters by themselves 6. Know Chinese Spring Festival, and Spring Lantern Festival.
Lesson Plan
3 days 6 hours ago
Interpretive Reading & Listening Ss. can identify the words of 现在、分、一刻、三刻、半、零 Interpersonal Communication Ss. Can ask and answer using the following sentences patterns. 1_-_-_现在几点? _-_-_六点零五分。 2_ _现在两点一刻。 3_ _现在十点五十五分。 4._ _现在五点半。 Presentational Speaking & Writing 1.Ss. can tell the time by minutes,quarters and half hour. 2. Ss. Can ask and answer question about clock. Interpersonal Communication Ss. Can ask and answer question about clock. Comparison 1.Ss. can tell the time differences between China and the US. 2.Ss.can compare and contrast the way to say time in Chinese and English. Culture The students can know the earliest timekeeping instruments used by humans in ancient China used the length and direction of the sun's projection to determine time. The former is known as the gnomon, used to measure the time of the sun, determine the seasons and determine the position; The latter, called a sundial, measures time. Together they are called solar clocks. Connection 1.Ss. can tell the time by minutes (Mathematics) 2. Ss. can tell the time difference between China and the US (Science)
Lesson Plan
3 days 15 hours ago
1. The Ss know how to say 1-10 in Chinese; 2. The Ss know the sign language of 1-10 in Chinese 3. The Ss know how to write 1-10 in characters.
Lesson Plan
3 days 17 hours ago
Students are interested in learning school supplies.
Lesson Plan
4 days 10 hours ago
Objective - By the end of the lesson students will be able to: - describe the weather today. - identify the names of the days of the week in Arabic. - use the words today, yesterday and tomorrow with the days of the week.
Lesson Plan
4 days 14 hours ago
Students can talk about clothes they like to wear in different seasons, the brand of clothes they wear, size of their clothes and where do they shop for clothes, any name brand.