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Lesson Plan
18 hours 6 min ago
Learners can: • Recognize and name the rooms of the house • Say what we do in each room • Ask and answer questions about rooms of the house • Write about their houses parts
Lesson Plan
1 day 18 hours ago
After this lesson, the students will be able to say apple, banana, pear in mandarin.
Lesson Plan
1 day 20 hours ago
1. Students can say family members:爸爸,妈妈,哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹 in Chinese. 2. Students can have the cognitive learning through TPR. 3. Students know the word "爱” and can express their love to the family member.
Lesson Plan
2 days 6 hours ago
Students reviewed seasons and learn weather words. Students learn to talk about weather in Chinese.
Lesson Plan
4 days 3 hours ago
1. Students are able to say ten colors in Chinese. 2. Students are able to say “I like or I don’t like a certain color” in Chinese. 3. Students are able to use color and fruit words to make the phrase “red apples” in Chinese.
Lesson Plan
5 days 5 hours ago
1) Students can speak the family members in Chinese “爸爸,妈妈,哥哥,弟弟,姐姐,妹妹,爷爷,奶奶”. 2) Students can use the sentence pattern “这是我的……”, to introduce the family members. 3) Students can  introduce the family members’ age and nationality, using structures :我的爸爸45岁, 他是美国人. 4) Students can sing the “family song”.
Lesson Plan
5 days 8 hours ago
At the end of the lesson, students: 1. Know how to express family members in Chinese; 2. Can use the following sentence to introduce family members. 这是谁? 这是我妈妈。 那是谁?那是我哥哥。
Lesson Plan
1 week 4 days ago
1. The students will be able to say the words of nine body parts in Chinese. 2. They will be able to use the sentence pattern “This is ….” to talk about the body parts. Students will be able to use simple adjectives 长,短,大,小to describe their body parts.
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 1 day ago
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to : 1- identify the names of some of their body parts. (head - hair – face – eye – ear – mouth – nose) شعر – وجه – عين – أذن – فم – أنف - رأس - 2- ask and answer questions about their body parts. 3- use the names of their body parts in simple phrases or sentences. 4- know the importance of following health rules. 5- Respond physically to familiar words they hear.
Lesson Plan
1 month 2 days ago
1. say the names of 12 zodiac animals in Chinese.(老鼠,牛,老虎,兔子,龙,蛇,马,羊,猴子,鸡,狗,猪) 2. understand the meaning and traditions of Chinese zodiac system. 3. make a zodiac fortune wheel and find out which zodiac animals they belong to. 4. say 你属什么的?(Which zodiac animal do you belong to?) 我属...... (I belong to...)