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Develop teaching materials

1 year 2 months ago
TCLP Alumni from around the world met for a two-day virtual conference on Global Competence and Project Based Learning (PBL). Day 1 featured a training by The Longview Foundation’s Executive Director Jennifer Manise and Day 2 featured engaging presentations by Alumni on how they use PBL in their classes. The sessions were facilitated by TCLP staff and featured alumni guests from China and Egypt.   Wednesday, December 12, 2018: Global Competence and Project Based Learning I Teacher trainer Jennifer Manise discussed how to bring global themes into every classroom and every subject, as well as strategies for implementing project based learning.   Thursday, December 13, 2018: Global Competence and Project Based Learning II TCLP alumni Jia Lili (2015-2016), Howida Hassan (2017-2018), Chen Jinyun (2013-2014) and Adel Ghattas (2017-2018) shared how they have used project based learning in their classrooms in China and Egypt to empower students and enhance their learning.   Each day, the sessions lasted for an hour starting at 3:00pm in Egypt, 9:00pm in China, and 8:00am (EST) in the U.S.   To view in China: Day one: Day two: To download conference resources, please visit: Please view the attached flyer for further details about the conference and biographies for the presenters and click the following link for PPTs and Resources from Presenters:   The Teachers of Critical Languages Program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State and implemented by American Councils for International Education.
Critical Language Project
2 years 9 months ago
TCLP 2015 alumna Zheng Meng was awarded a Critical Language Project grant in the amount of $2950 to conduct a TESL Professional Development Workshop at her home school in China. The full day workshop featured speakers from the Regional English Language Office (RELO) and two TCLP Alumni who shared best practices in student performance assessment and English teaching methodologies. The project was implemented in Chongqing Experimental Foreign Language School, where 40% of the teachers have been in the teaching profession for less than 5 years and needed improvement of their teaching practices. On the day of the workshop Ms. Zheng Meng together with Ms.Sun Liang (2009 alumna and Mr. Xia Zhi (2015 alumnus) did a TCLP program introduction, followed by a brief discussion on the differences between Chinese and American educations. This session was followed by four breakout sessions conducted by two RELO guest speakers and two TCLP alumni. Two of the hour-long sessions provided training on Multiple Intelligence and Cooperative Learning (conducted by Ms.Sun Liang) as well as Project-Based Learning (conducted by Mr.Xia Zhi). The workshop also include two 90 minute sessions on Formative Assessment and Rubrics (conducted by Mr.Ian Baecht) and Communicative Reading Activities and Reading Fluency (conducted by Mr.Kevin Sprague). 140 teachers attended and directly benefited from this highly successful workshop. Furthermore, the workshop materials were shared widely among the English teachers in the school who couldn't attend the event. As a result of the training over 9000 students will have better English learning experience , and with 3000 new students joining Chongqing Experimental Foreign Language School each year, the number of benefiting students will continue to grow.
Critical Language Project
3 years 3 weeks ago
Ms. Qu Bingbing, along with fellow TCLP alumni Xing Yali, and Sun Qi organized a workshop with two English Language Fellows from the U.S. and shared advanced teaching methodologies and effective English teaching techniques to English teachers in Tangyuan, Huanan and Jiamusi, China. The highly successful workshop provided professional development for over 350 English teachers in Qu Bingbing's hometown. The participating teachers had the opportunity to learn about U.S. teaching methodologies, especially students-centered interactive classroom teaching. During the workshop, TCLP English Language Fellows Mr. Sprague and Ms Heidi Jo Bartlett and alumni interact with the teachers on effective and attractive English teaching methodologies and share their best practices in teaching. Furthermore, the workshop benefited the three collaborating TCLP alumni as they honed their peer-training and organizational skills.
Critical Language Project
4 years 2 months ago
TCLP Arabic teacher Mohamed Mahmoud at Shawnee Mission West High School in Shawnee Mission, KS designed project which aimed at increasing the knowledge base of current Arabic I students while also exposing a large population of middle and high school students to Arabic language. His students created a long-lasting Arabic language instructional booklet in a magazine format and an instructional Arabic video. Both the magazine and the Arabic video were distributed to all Shawnee Mission elementary, middle, and high schools where up to 28,000 students may view these materials.
Critical Language Project
4 years 3 months ago
TCLP mentor teacher Christina Cannon has been chosen to present with colleague Annie Hasan at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in April 2012. Their CLP proposal will help them cover the cost to attend the conference. Their presentation discussed best practices for teaching songs in the target language, and attendees learned a method of teaching with songs and games that maximizes ‘student talk’ during the class period, keeping students engaged and communicating. The long-term goal of this project was to improve the learning experience of K-12 Arabic students, and thus, ultimately, increase their proficiency. Their materials from the presentation, including songs, were made available to all Arabic teachers online after the conference.