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Collaborate with alumni in the home country

Critical Language Project
8 months 3 weeks ago
Gu Zhen received a CLP grant to develop and lead a workshop to share the effective teaching methodologies and teaching practices, that she learned in the United States, with English as a Foreign Language teachers from her home school and sister schools in China. She worked with other TCLP alumni to show how they apply what they learned from their TCLP experience to their home classroom teaching. Gu Zhen (Wright Elementary School, Fort Walton Beach, FL, 2015-16) organized a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Professional Development Workshop on November 8, 2019. Held at Qinzhou No.1 Middle School in Qinzhou, China, approximately 140 teachers from area schools attended five sessions including two led by fellow 2015-16 TCLP alumni Xia Zhi (Watson B. Duncan Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL) and Li Long (Roton Middle School, Norwalk, CT) who presented on project-based learning and interactive classroom activities. Teachers shared best practices and are eager to participate in future workshops. Their intention was to create an atmosphere for the participant to experience a very interactive, participatory workshop. At the end, they introduced the participants to the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) and shared resources for online courses for professional development. They believe that they can always be better educators and want to share this expectation with their colleagues in China.
Critical Language Project
3 years 5 hours ago
Ms. Qu Bingbing, along with fellow TCLP alumni Xing Yali, and Sun Qi organized a workshop with two English Language Fellows from the U.S. and shared advanced teaching methodologies and effective English teaching techniques to English teachers in Tangyuan, Huanan and Jiamusi, China. The highly successful workshop provided professional development for over 350 English teachers in Qu Bingbing's hometown. The participating teachers had the opportunity to learn about U.S. teaching methodologies, especially students-centered interactive classroom teaching. During the workshop, TCLP English Language Fellows Mr. Sprague and Ms Heidi Jo Bartlett and alumni interact with the teachers on effective and attractive English teaching methodologies and share their best practices in teaching. Furthermore, the workshop benefited the three collaborating TCLP alumni as they honed their peer-training and organizational skills.
Critical Language Project
3 years 2 days ago
Mr. Ali developed an American Cultural Club at Gharbiya STEM School in Tanta, Egypt. This project included various activities, experiential learning and direct interaction that motivated and inspire students in their English learning. The CLP funding was used to bring the American English and culture to Egyptian students. The club was one of a kind in Tanta, Egypt. The American Cultural Club strives to reinforce tolerance for all people within the community and school. The American Culture Club provided students with engaging workshops, learning materials, resources, and field trips for members. Initially the club was planned for 50 students, but 100 students requested to become members of the American culture club. In addition to the students 35 teachers and 45 parents and community members also participated in the club's various activities and got exposed to American culture by acting American scenes, cooking American food, drawing American culture related posters, making presentations about important topics in the US, listening to American music, practicing American dancing and participating in field-trips. As part of the club’s activities Mr. Ali arranged a visit to the American University in Cairo to meet and discuss U.S. culture with American professors and other Americans.These activities motivated students, teachers, and community members to participate and support the American culture club activities.
Critical Language Project
3 years 8 months ago
  Jia Lili (2015) was awarded a CLP grant to conduct a professional development program for teachers in Hebei Province in September 2016. Ms. Jia modeled the program after the professional development training sessions she attended through TCLP and her U.S. host school while teaching Mandarin at Walnut Elementary School in California. She conducted this project in collaboration with two other TCLP alumni: Chen Manman (2015) and Chen Jinyun (2013). The project was supported by the Institute of Education and Research in Shijiazhuang, which invited teachers from schools across the city to participate in the project. Two hundred and seventy-six teachers from twelve different schools ultimately attended the conference and workshops, which took place at No. One Senior High School. Teachers were able to choose training topics that interested them, including “Classroom Management”, “Helping At-risk Students and Class Size”, “English Reading and How to Foster Students’ Reading Ability”, and “How to Solve Your Problems in Teaching ”.
Critical Language Project
4 years 2 weeks ago
Chen Jinyun, a 2013 Chinese alum from Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus, in Nanjing, China, received a CLP grant to organize TESL professional development for ESL teachers at her home school. The project included school community conferences, regional conferences and national conferences, faculty visits to other schools for English class observations, presentations at regional teaching events, teaching competitions, school-based training sessions, and international video conferences with Dracut High School (Ms. Chen’s host school). The project allowed Ms. Chen to share fresh ideas from her experience of teaching in the U.S. and inspire teachers to reflect on existing teaching methods and change them to be more interactive and engaging. Workshops directly helped teachers in devising curricula, designing lesson plans, giving differentiated instruction, making SMART objectives and assessments, and learning more student-centered teaching methods and class management strategies. Moreover, launching international video conferences with her host school in the U.S. was a new communicative experience for teachers, which provided them with more opportunities to ask questions and learn from others. Research seminars provided more teachers with opportunities to learn different assessment methods.
4 years 2 months ago
The 3rd annual TCLP Virtual Alumni Conference took place on December 10th and 11th, 2015. The topic for this year’s virtual conference was Building Sustainable Critical Language Programs.   The conference was organized with the purpose of offering strategies for making Arabic and Chinese programs sustainable after participating in TCLP. Some school district are undergoing budget cuts and participants discussed how to keep these critical languages going. Current and alumni TCLP schools met virtually during these recorded one hour-long sessions conducted by program alumni on each day.   Over the past few years, TCLP alumni schools have developed various models to successfully maintain their Chinese and Arabic language programs and provide consistent and enduring educational and social value for students after TCLP. During the 2015 Virtual Alumni Conference, U.S. host school alumni who have implemented creative ideas and practices to sustain quality critical language programs shared their experiences, offered advice, and answered questions.   Please see the attached announcement for more details about the guest speakers and their schools. To view the recordings please click the links below:   • Thursday, December 10th at 4:00 pm (EST) Featuring: Claudine Clark and Karen Wirkkala View the recording at:   • Friday, December 11th at 4:00 pm (EST) Featuring: Leah Christman and Jim Holifield View the recording at: