Lesson Plan
4 years 7 months ago
It's a lesson plan about the names of clothes. After this lesson, students will be able to communicate with each other and express their favorite color and clothes. They will also discuss what to ware. Created by Zhou Ying 2011-2012 teacher
5 years 1 week ago
This is my syllabus for Chinese 1 at Audubon Charter School. Mandarin was introduced this year as a second foreign language. My mission is to introduce the students to Chinese as a foreign language and to have them exposed to some Chinese culture. Chinese is considered a “critical language”, and studying Chinese will provide students with more opportunities in the future. Besides, to study a foreign language is an important way to open our mind to the modern world, to appreciate cultural differences and to establish mutual understanding. This course is built on a realistic progression in which the students are acquiring tools to express themselves in Chinese as much as knowledge of the Chinese speaking world, and culture.