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Conduct sister-school project/s

Critical Language Project
3 years 2 weeks ago
TCLP host school alumna Roslynne McCarthy from the Center for Global Studies in Connecticut was awarded a CLP for a student collaborative project called Sister-schools: Expanding the Student Dialogue. The goal of this project was to create and implement a curriculum of personal interactions among students at the Center for Global Studies and Al-Salam Private Language School in Tanta, Egypt with the expertise and input of TCLP 2008 alumnus Mr. Emil Markos. As a result of his TCLP year, his host school at CGS and his school in Egypt, the Al-Salam Private Language School, became sister-schools. Two groups of American and Egyptians students have already visited each other’s schools and communities, and the plans will continue. In addition to these once-a-year visits, this project facilitated on-going opportunities for students from both countries to connect with one another, practice their language skills, deepen their understanding of Egyptian/American culture and events, use technology in innovative ways, and forge personal relationships with international friends. The beneficiaries of this project were current students in the two schools, including the 55 students currently studying Arabic in CGS. The CLP allowed for a curriculum to be created, the educator’s to be trained in the appropriate technology to implement the curriculum which includes electronic interaction (email), video-conferencing through Skype, and other interactions through Voice Threads, podcasts or student-made movies.
Critical Language Project
3 years 2 weeks ago
At Sonoran Trails Middle School, TCLP Chinese Teacher Alumna Li Qiong received a grant to lay the foundation for a sister school connection between her host school in Arizona and her home school in Hubei, China. Sonoran Trails Principal Bill Dolezal traveled to China as a first time visitor with Li, who developed an itinerary with a travel company in China that allowed Principal Dolezal to meet with Chinese Principal Wang at her home school, No. 6 Middle School of Yichang. Li attended and facilitated the signing of sister school documents and served as Principal Dolezal’s tour guide during the trip. By obtaining personal buy-in from both principals, these two very different places were able to converge somewhere in the middle, giving students a real-life reason for studying Chinese (to be able to communicate with their sister school peers), and opening doors for future student, teacher and school leaders exchanges.
Critical Language Project
3 years 4 weeks ago
  TCLP Alumnus School, Lakes International Language Academy (LILA), received funding to help implement a CLP titled “Welcome, Friends!” in cooperation with Deyang Forest Language School in China. This project provided an exciting English-immersion learning experience for 22 visiting students from China and forged new international friendships. During a two-week summer camp on the school's campus, Chinese and American students strengthened skills in their respective target languages by speaking to one another in casual settings, traveling, and participating in fun activities.   LILA teachers gained experience in teaching English as a second language, which is a different but positive perspective than teaching immersion Spanish or Chinese to native English speakers. In addition, the host families in the community shared the language-learning experience, building interest in long-term hosting and cultural exchanges.The opportunity to meet and interact with Chinese guests helped expose the community to a different culture, celebrating diversity while appreciating their similarities. The positive and lasting impact of this project was visible in the progress that Chinese students made in building their English skills and the fast friendships that the Chinese and American students (and their families!) made during the camp. As a result of the project, LILA has strengthened the relationship with the school's sister school and helped introduce students and families in the community to a broader cultural experience.  
3 years 1 month ago
The 2nd Annual TCLP Virtual Alumni Training Conference 2015 took place on February 4 and 5, 2015. TCLP alumni from China, Egypt and the United States me for a a two-day virtual conference about building international sister school relationships. To watch recordings for either days please click the links above. Attached you will find slides from each day, as well more information about each presenter.   On Wednesday, February 4, 2015 the topic was Collaborating with U.S. Schools on Sister-School Projects TCLP staff discussed how to design and conduct small scale, easy-to-implement projects that will spearhead the establishment of sister-school relationships. Guest alumni speakers shared how they kept in touch with their U.S. host schools through in-person and virtual exchange projects.   On Thursday, February 5, 2015 the topic was Organizing International Student Exchanges TCLP Alumnus Emil Marcos, and Alumni co-presenters Li Qiong and Bill Dolezal discussed how to establish international student exchanges. The presenters provided tips on financing student exchanges and elaborated on the projects that their students conducted while visiting the host schools in Egypt, China and the United States.   Featured Presenters: Mr. Dolezal is the principal of Sonoran Trails Middle School in Cave Creek, Arizona, the first public school in Arizona to offer World Language as core classes for all students. Mr. Dolezal served as the administrator for two TCLP Chinese teachers in 2011 and 2012, and has worked with Ms. Qiong to facilitate student exchanges between Sonoran Trails Middle Schools and No. 6 Middle School of Yichang.   Mr. Marcos is from Cairo, Egypt. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as an International Diploma for Teachers from Cambridge University. Since 1990 Mr. Morcos has taught at the Al-Salam Private Language School where he is also the founder and manger of an international department. He participated in TCLP in 2008 and was hosted by the Center for Global Studies in Norwalk, CT.   Ms. Qiong is from Yichang, China, where she graduated from Three Gorges University with a major in English Teaching and later studied English Literature at Wuhan University. Ms. Qiong has been teaching at No. 6 Middle School of Yichang for over 10 years. After participating in TCLP in 2011, Ms. Qiong has remained active in pursuing opportunities for exchange and cross cultural collaboration for her students.