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Lesson Plan
7 hours 7 min ago
1. The students should be able to say the vocabulary words about vegetables. 2. The students should be able to make a short conversation freely and independently using target vocabulary in Mandarin.
Lesson Plan
1 day 4 hours ago
1. Students can recognize , understand and say the following shopping vocabularies in Chinese : buy, sell, how much, money, pound, dollar, seed, candy, rice cake, Chinese cookies, dumplings, sweet dumplings . 2. Students can make sentences with the vocabularies they learned. 3. Students can perform dialogues with the patterns they learned: I want to buy…. How much ...? $5 per pound.
Lesson Plan
1 day 6 hours ago
1.The students are able to say the 12 Zodiac animals in Chinese. 2.The students are able to tell the story about how Chinese people choose those 12 animals as the Zodiac animals
Lesson Plan
4 days 23 hours ago
Kids can not only sing a counting song but also count the numbers and speak out the right numbers in Chinese.
Critical Language Project
6 days 10 hours ago
  Shi Cuilian (2016-2017), with assistance from Development Director Jennifer Hughes, will hold a Dragon Boat Festival at the Learning Community Charter School (LCCS) in New Jersey this spring. This event will give students and parents the opportunity to expand, broaden, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and language. The festival will incorporate music, dance performances, arts, crafts, and food. Leading up to the event, fourth grade students will study a unit about the Dragon Boat Festival and its inspiration, poet Qu Yuan, and will collaborate with students from a school in Tianjin, China. The LCCS 4th Grade students will spend part of May creating projects about Qu Yuan while the Chinese student participants will create corresponding works about a noteworthy American poet. As part of the festival, LCCS will present their Qu Yuan projects and display those made by their Chinese peers. The LCCS Dragon Boat Festival project will culminate in a field trip for current Chinese language students.
Lesson Plan
1 week 1 day ago
By the time students finish this project, they will be able to know more about the following cities and provinces in China: Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Sichuan and Hainan, in terms of population, location, climate, transportation, food, interesting facts, tourist attractions, etc.
Lesson Plan
1 week 4 days ago
In this lesson, kids in my class are learning the concept of bigger than, taller than, smaller than, and shorter than. They will be able to compare different objects of different sizes.
Lesson Plan
1 week 5 days ago
By the end of this unit, ss will have learnt the meaning of turn around facts in addition. By the end of this unit, ss will have had an understanding of what turn around facts means and be able to use them to solve math addition problems.
2 weeks 2 days ago
1. The students are able to introduce their home countries. 2. The students are able to distinguish the colors of Green, Red, Blue, Yellow.
Lesson Plan
3 weeks 5 days ago
1.an count 1-30 very fluently, and get more familiar with 21-100; 2. Can ask and answer questions about age very flunently; 3. Initially know how to say the dates in Chinese; 4. Can basically ask and answer questions using the following sentence patterns in Chinese: -What’s the date today? -It’s Nov. 24, (2016)