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Online Resource
3 hours 34 min ago
Lesson Plan
18 hours 56 min ago
The objectives of this unit plan are the following: 1. introduce themselves and respond in Arabic 2. introduce someone and respond in Arabic 3. know the Arabic numbers from 0 to 10 4. talk about family members 5. say and write the Arabic alphabets أ ب ت ث ج ح خ 6. learn about the body parts 7. learn the Arabic numbers from 10 to 20 8. learn fruits in Arabic
Lesson Plan
20 hours 4 min ago
Learners will be able to: • Talk about daily routines and tell the time the time. • Talk about activities they do in their free time • Compare free time activities between two cultures • Talk about sports preferences • Express preferences about the different free-time activities • Invite and make arrangements to spend a free time together • Contrast free-time activities between the past and now.
Lesson Plan
1 day 3 hours ago
1. Students can ask and answer questions about names and nationality. 2. Students can count numbers from 0-20 and ask each other their age. 3. Students can describe how many family members they have and talk about their name and age.
1 day 19 hours ago
Learners will be able speak about themselves, their families, like & dislikes and body parts.
Lesson Plan
3 days 3 hours ago
The students are able to: ●express time in Chinese and know how to ask what time it is. ●say Monday to Sunday in Chinese. ●Express their date of birth in Chinese. ●say some professions and how to ask family members’ profession in Chinese ●express the daily activities of their family members in Chinese. ●talk about weather in four seasons in Chinese.
Lesson Plan
5 days 2 hours ago
At the end of the lesson, students: 1. Know how to express time in Chinese; 2. Can use the following sentence to ask and answer time. 现在几点? 现在____点______分. 现在几点? 现在______点一刻。 现在几点?现在________点半。
Lesson Plan
5 days 8 hours ago
Unit plan the subject is colors an school words.
Lesson Plan
1 week 4 hours ago
To develop their abilities of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially listening and speaking, paying special attention to the tones 1. Students can speak out some sentences and some words to describe seasons and weather 2. Draw pictures of different seasons and learn to write simple Chinese to describe the pictures . 3. Have the weather conversation withe others and can be a Chinese weather reporter.
1 week 1 day ago
In this unit, my students will learn many things under this big umbrella.If they want to learn about the Arab World, they will have to deal with many other things as transportation, tourism, weather, etc. So, I can achieve my goals through teaching them how to explore the world and to encourage them to do well and to create different ideas through pair and group work with many new words and different vocabulary.