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Lesson Plan
6 days 1 hour ago
SWBAT 1. Know the Chinese currency 2. Ask/answer about the prices in Chinese 3. Know how to buy a certain item in Chinese
Lesson Plan
6 days 2 hours ago
This period I will teach students to recognize Chinese money. guide them to ask and answer about the price of different items.
Lesson Plan
3 weeks 22 hours ago
1. Know the Chinese currency: 元、角、分、块、毛 2. Know Chinese breakfast: 粥、包子、面条、鸡蛋、油条、豆浆 3. Be able to recognize and write the relevant words and expressions 4. Ask/answer general questions in Chinese 5. Know how to order Chinese food in a restaurant
Lesson Plan
3 weeks 23 hours ago
1. Students will be able to know Chinese currency such as: “元”,“角”,“分”,“块”,“毛”and say the numbers in Chinese. 2. Buy things by asking “多少钱”. 3. Students know something about bargain and use some words to bargain in a scenario.
Lesson Plan
8 months 2 weeks ago
1- Know the meaning of key sentences Arabic used in shopping conversation such as: Can I help you? Hal yumken an ousaoduki? 2-use these sentences to act out the conversation provided in Arabic 3- learn how to write the Arabic words for shopping.
Lesson Plan
8 months 3 weeks ago
By the end of the class, students will be able to know how to buy or sell food and drink, and a sentence structure “How much is it per half kilo?” “Here is your change”. By the end of the class, students will be able to role play with their classmates about buying and selling food and drink using the words and sentences they have learned.
Lesson Plan
10 months 2 weeks ago
By the end of the lesson students will be able to: Use the Arabic words to speak about the vegetables. Identify the vegetables in Arabic when they hear its words. Use the vegetables in Arabic in simple conversations and say its color in Arabic as well.
Lesson Plan
1 year 2 weeks ago
By the end of this unit students will be able to: Learn names of different food items in Arabic. Ask “What is your favorite food?” in Arabic. Learn colors in Arabic. Learn Names of some traditional food in the Arab world. Asking about price in Arabic.
Lesson Plan
1 year 7 months ago
1. Ss will review the unit of Chinese currency: 元(块), 角, 分. 2. Ss will review the way to express numbers: 十,百,千,万. 3. Ss will learn target languages about shopping: 买, 多少钱, 贵, 便宜点. 4. Ss will learn how to buy something and how to bargain with the sellers: 你好,我想买……, 多少钱? 太贵了,便宜点可以吗?
Lesson Plan
1 year 8 months ago
1. Students master the basic vocabulary about USD and RMB. 2. Students can recognize Chinese money and have confidence in spending them in real life situation.