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History & Past Events

Lesson Plan
10 hours 44 min ago
1.Students should know how to say happy new year in Chinese and the hand gesture. 2.Students should know some of the traditions of Chinese New Year. 3.Students should understand people from different place may have different culture and festivals. 4.Students should be able to sing the Chinese New Year song and greet to each other.
Lesson Plan
1 week 2 days ago
By the end, students will be able to learn about the Egyptian culture. state some facts about Egypt's geography and history. recognize some musical instruments in the Arab world. learn about traditional musical instruments in Egypt
Lesson Plan
3 weeks 6 days ago
1- A simple introduction about the presenter. 2- Presenting how important was the sun during Ancient Egypt. 3- Telling the story of the Sun God, Re. 4- Ss choose a mask of an ancient Egyptian king or queen to color it and wear it.
Lesson Plan
1 month 5 days ago
In this class students leared about 12 Chinese Zodiacs.
Lesson Plan
3 months 1 day ago
In this lesson, students learn about autobiography. They talk about their lives, families, education, personal details....etc. They also write some details about themselves. They ask and answer using the target language.
Lesson Plan
8 months 6 days ago
1. Students are able to say Chinese wenfangsibao (four treasures of Chinese painting ) different Chinese painting and representative works and artists . 2. Help students understand why traditional Chinese scholars love to draw four friends of the flowers . 3. Encourage students create a Chinese painting work by themselves .
Lesson Plan
8 months 3 weeks ago
1.The students will have a good knowledge of five major traditional Chinese cuisines according to different locations in China and know the relative background culture of Chinese dumplings. 2.The students are able to learn how to make dumplings and carry it out.
Lesson Plan
9 months 3 days ago
Learners can: • Ask for and provide information about museums. • Design a ticket for the Egyptian Museum. • Tell the time. (Revision). • Form questions in the future tense.
Lesson Plan
9 months 1 week ago
1. Students are able to say traditional Chinese clothes, Hanfu in Chinese and appreciate Hanfu in person. 2. Students can understand the development of traditional Chinese clothes and relative culture. 3. Students learn to make traditional Chinese clothes through origami by themselves .
Lesson Plan
10 months 1 week ago
1. They will know about the origin of Chinese characters, the history and evolution of Chinese characters, Chinese characters are totally different from English letters and most of the Chinese characters are pictographic characters and so on 2. They will be able to know the four treasures of study which are extremely famous and basic in Chinese calligraphy. 3. They will be able to hold a writing brush and write in a right gesture. 4. They will be able to do the calligraphy practice.