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Feelings & Opinions

Lesson Plan
2 days 15 hours ago
Learners can: • Order foods at an Arabic restaurant. • Asking how the food is cooked. • Speak about past activities. New language: ساخن - بارد – نادله – قائمة الطعام – من فضلك – لو سمحت – أريد – لا أريد – الحساب – شكرا Moods: Interpretive Interpersonal Presentational
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 6 days ago
Identify the characters in the short story. Recognize some vocabulary related to the theme of the story. Compare between the adjective place in the target language and their own language. Create their own version of the story. Analyze a short story. Devise a different ending for the short story. Judge the characters’ behaviors
Lesson Plan
2 months 3 weeks ago
1. To review pets we learned and make dialogues. 2.To watch a video about Chinese Zodiac. 3.To write down 12 zodiac animals. 4. To watch another video about your Zodiac year
Lesson Plan
4 months 5 days ago
By the end of the lesson students should be able to: -Recognize the family members titles in Arabic -Pronounce the family members titles in Arabic. -Use the possessive using : my+ family member title |فرد العائلة+ي -Ask and answer: man hatha ? من هذا؟ man hathihi ? من هذه؟ - Say "ana ohebo" I like………أنا أحب Use I have & I don't have with the family members أنا عندي أب / أنا ليس عندي جد/ أنا عندي أخان
Lesson Plan
10 months 3 weeks ago
Students are able ti talk about their birthdays' dates and also saying the famous song for birthdays but this time in Arabic.
Lesson Plan
11 months 1 week ago
1. Students will be able to know some adjectives to describe people’s characters 2. Students will be able to talk about their characters using the sentence structure: 我很……, which means I am very … in English.
Lesson Plan
11 months 3 weeks ago
After completing the class, students will be able to 1. recognize and speak basic adjectives for feelings 2. apply the new adjectives in the sentence pattern: “今天我很/有点/不 + adj. “ to express their feelings 3. ask how other people feels by using the question “今天你觉得怎么样?”
Lesson Plan
1 year 1 day ago
Making a valentine's day hat and writing the Arabic words mom or dad on them to express their love to them.
Lesson Plan
1 year 5 days ago
Students now can tell the time in Arabic
Lesson Plan
1 year 1 month ago
By the end of this lesson ,students should be able: - say the Arabic names of the eight colors. - say the different colors in different flags in Arabic. - say short sentences like: I like the ……..color. - read the eight colors in Arabic. - share in singing an Arabic song about the colors.