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Ms. Qu Bingbing, along with fellow TCLP alumni Xing Yali, and Sun Qi will organize a workshop with two English Language Fellows from the U.S. and share advanced teaching methodologies and effective English teaching techniques to English teachers in Tangyuan, Huanan and Jiamusi, China. The local English teachers will have the opportunity to experience a new professional development style that is different from their traditional trainings. The workshop will be interactive and trainee-centered just as the alumni apply strategies they experienced during their TCLP experience in the US.
Critical Language Project
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Mr. Ali will develop an American Cultural Club at Gharbiya STEM School in Tanta, Egypt. This project will include various activities, experiential learning and direct interaction that will motivate and inspire students in their English learning. The CLP funding will be used to bring the American English and culture to Egyptian students. The club will be one of a kind in Tanta, Egypt. The American Cultural Club will strive to reinforce tolerance for all people within the community and school. The American Culture Club will provide students with engaging workshops, learning materials, resources, and fieldtrips for members. Mr. Ali hopes that the American Cultural Club will enhance his student’s cultural experiences through American films, cuisines, and games. As part of the club’s activities he will arrange a visit to the American University in Cairo to meet and discuss with American professors and other Americans.
Critical Language Project
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  Shi Cuilian (2016-2017), with assistance from Development Director Jennifer Hughes, will hold a Dragon Boat Festival at the Learning Community Charter School (LCCS) in New Jersey this spring. This event will give students and parents the opportunity to expand, broaden, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and language. The festival will incorporate music, dance performances, arts, crafts, and food. Leading up to the event, fourth grade students will study a unit about the Dragon Boat Festival and its inspiration, poet Qu Yuan, and will collaborate with students from a school in Tianjin, China. The LCCS 4th Grade students will spend part of May creating projects about Qu Yuan while the Chinese student participants will create corresponding works about a noteworthy American poet. As part of the festival, LCCS will present their Qu Yuan projects and display those made by their Chinese peers. The LCCS Dragon Boat Festival project will culminate in a field trip for current Chinese language students.
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Alumni from China and Egypt met for a two-day virtual conference on Leadership in Education. Each day included dynamic round-table discussions on Educational Leadership. The sessions were facilitated by TCLP staff and featured alumni guests from China and Egypt who have achieved leadership positions in their schools, departments, and districts.  Thursday, December 15, 2016: Leading in Your Educational Community I TCLP alumni Yu Meihong (2008-2009), Samar Abdelfatah (2015-2016), Yu Yifang (2009-2010) and Mohamed Abdelsamad (2011-2012) discussed leading by example in your educational community, how to advocate for change in your school, and resources and best practices to cultivate leadership skills.  Friday, December 16, 2016: Leading in Your Educational Community II TCLP alumni Ezzat Gadelmola (2010-2011), Zhang Hong (2009-2010), Hanan Gawdet (2012-2013) and Cheng Ye (2011-2012) shared how they are using their international experiences as school leaders and best practices for effective leaders.   Each day, the sessions lasted for an hour starting at 3:00pm in Egypt, 9:00pm in China, and 8:00am (EST) in the U.S.   To watch each day of the conference click on the following links:     To access in China please use the following links:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg3MzQ0NTU5Ng (Day One)http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg3NDkxMDU0MA (Day Two)   Please view the attached flyer for further details about the conference and biographies for the presenters.   The Teachers of Critical Languages Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by American Councils for International Education.
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The objectives of this quick assessment is to: 1- Determine if my students can greet each other properly in different situations in Arabic. 2- Know whether my students can ask and answer questions about one's name, nationality and likes. 3 -Receive feedback about my teaching performance and their learning progress. 4- Help my students build up friendship during presentations since they are from different grade levels.