Culture Box

Cai Qi's home school and host schools were willing to establish a long-lasting sister-school relationship. Therefore, they decided to do a series of activities to help students and teachers in both schools understand and learn from each other better. First, they arranged a culture box activity to help groups of students and teachers to get to know each other and learn the culture and practice target language from each other. Second, they paired students and teachers in the U.S. with students and teachers from China to help them establish long-lasting communication. 

Sister School Virtual Bilingual Video Class

Sister School Virtual Bilingual Video Class aims to bridge the geographical distance between two sister schools and create a platform beyond classrooms for students on both sides to improve their target languages, their cultural awareness, and their cross-cultural communication abilities. The virtual bilingual video class meets the needs of both Liuyang No.1 High school, which lacks native English teachers this year, and Chariho Regional High School where students of Mandarin classes can't have Chinese field trips beyond classroom during this special year.

Test Preparation on Numbers

Friday, October 30, 2020 - 17:26
Language Level

SWBAT better express themselves on the following topics:

Tell and ask names.
Tell family members
Tell and ask about ages
Tell numbers in Chinese
Tell their birthdays

Lesson plan by Zhang Jing

30-day Unit Plan - Colors

Language Level

Students will:

• Know how to say 9 colors in Chinese
• Ask and answer about favorite colors
• Get to know the special color of China and the background culture
• Learn paper-cutting and talk about their hobbies

Curriculum unit by Huang Yongqian

Chariho High School Future Chinese materials

Deadline Date

Li Ning (2019-2020) received a Round 19 CLP grant to support the purchase of instructional materials for Chariho Regional High School. With CLP support, CRHS acquired new Level I and II instructional materials including textbooks and workbooks in Spring 2020 and is currently purchasing additional Level III instructional materials based on a communicative teaching approach and thematic content. Mr. Li worked with his TCLP mentor teacher to map curricula for each level and began using the new materials with his Level I and II students starting in Spring 2020.

Chinese_1_Unit 5 Sports

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 11:44
Language Level

Students can name popular sports and understand when they hear them.
Students can understand and answer when others ask them if they like or dislike certain sports in conversation.
Students can understand and answer when others ask them if they can play certain sports.
Students can ask if others can play individual sports.
Students can talk about the sports they do.
Students can understand the names of sports that they see in the readings.
Students can understand if someone likes certain sports in a written context.

虚拟的北京之行(A Virtual Trip to Beijing)

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 05:08
Language Level

Interpretive Reading & Listening
Ss. can master the words: 长城、故宫、烤鸭、京剧、好吃、好听

Interpersonal Communication
Ss. can ask and answer using the following sentence patterns.
1. 北京有什么好看的?
Presentational Speaking & Writing
1.Ss. can tell about famous sights and roast duck in Beijing.
2. Ss. can ask and answer the questions about famous sights and roast duck in Beijing and Peking Opera as well.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 04:25
Language Level

The topic is about clothes. The students will see very special costume and design their own dress.


Monday, May 18, 2020 - 15:33
Language Level

1.Students can say twelve months correctly in Mandarin Chinese .
2.Students can match month with Chinese and English.
3.Students will have fun by singing a month song.