Digital Coursebook

As I work in an IB school, there is a tremendous focus on languages where Arabic is taught along with French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Yet, the school has no Arabic syllabus of its own; that is, no coursebook for teaching this language even though students – of all different levels – study it on a daily basis. This fact has arisen my interest to start this project that aims at starting to develop an Arabic syllabus that could be used by future teachers of Arabic at the school.

Wu Ning's Capstone Project

My capstone project is to establish a Chinese curriculum for my host school, Ewa Makai Middle School. Since this is the first year my host school has had Mandarin Chinese classes, I felt quite challenged when I started my teaching. How I wished that I had good resources that was suitable for my teaching context. Developing a curriculum alone is never an easy job, but I do believe it will benefit further development of this course and my successor. That is why I devoted a lot of time and energy to my capstone project.