Chinese Culture Club

Host School

My project is to introduce Chinese Culture in my Chinese Club. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, we learned about the origin and celebration of the Spring Festival. I organized a dinner party with my students and club members. I showed then how to make dumplings, and we made the dumplings together. I also cooked some Chinese dishes for the party. We also watched the Spring Gala on CCTV. My students and I went on a field trip to Jackson College to participate the celebration there.

Field Trip--Cyrus Tang Hall of China

The theme of our capstone project is Field Trip—Cyrus Tang Hall in China. The aim of the field trip is to let the students of Grade 5 and Grade 6 at LaSalle to take a closer look at objects that tell stories of China’s complex history, diverse cultures, while learning Mandarin.
The whole project will last several months which can be divided into three procedures:

Capstone Project

Most People in the valley do not know anything about the TCLP or the Arabic class.
I had a year long plan to showcase the program and the Arabic language and culture to everyone in the valley. Accordingly, I followed a plan that included many actions and events:
First, I created collaborative classes with other teachers to raise awareness for students at my school. So, I planned different outreaches:
1- An outreach with Cosmetology teacher in which I introduced the history of cosmetics in Egypt.

Chinese Club

Host School

The capstone project is Chinese club. Anyone who is interested in can join. We will meet every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 IN Room 128.We learn about Chinese culture, celebrate Chinese festivals, do calligraphy and Chinese painting, paper cutting and mask making, read Chinese cartoons as well as learning Chinese songs and dances. I will teach how to cook Chinese dishes and celebrate the Spring festival by organizing a food party on the Spring Festival Eve.

Moos Capstone Project

Capstone for Moos Elementary School is a big show for students. On spring festival, we will have a showcase for all the moos Chinese mandarin learners and parents and a dragon parade with students from different grade and a Chinatown tour. It will happen around Feb since it is the spring festival. The teachers will be on the fashion show and the fifth grade will be the MC.

Chinese Local Fair

Host School

My capstone is actually my CLP, which is a Chinese local fair. I had intended to hold it in March, but we had spring festival and too many snow days in February, so we didn't have enough time to get everything ready for it. And now we are busy with every detail to make sure it will be successfully held on April 26. So far, we have taken a field trip to MIA to help as many as possible students to have a general visual idea of what Chinese culture is like. Besides, I appointed 6 students to be directors of each section of the fair.

Wu Ning's Capstone Project

My capstone project is to establish a Chinese curriculum for my host school, Ewa Makai Middle School. Since this is the first year my host school has had Mandarin Chinese classes, I felt quite challenged when I started my teaching. How I wished that I had good resources that was suitable for my teaching context. Developing a curriculum alone is never an easy job, but I do believe it will benefit further development of this course and my successor. That is why I devoted a lot of time and energy to my capstone project.

Yang Huihui's Capstone Project

My capstone project is to establish a sister school partnership between my host school in the US and my home school back in China. Since my home school is well recognized for its foreign exchange affairs, we know how beneficial the relationship is to teachers and students for both sides. It not only benefit language learning, but also broaden student’s minds by visiting or talking with people from another culture, which helps them to be global citizens.

Chen Ken's Capstone Project Description

My capstone project is having students experience Chinese culture in the Chinese community in Chicago. We have learnt a few lessons about Chinese food and Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, then we will take students to experience what they have learnt in the classroom personally. So we called this activity Cultural Immersion Chinatown.