Yuanchun Ma

Yuanchun "Renee" Ma, originally from Beijing, China, began teaching in 1995 at a foreign language school in China. She received a master’s degree in Education in 2008. In 2014, she came to the United States as an international teacher, and has taught 5th-grade Chinese immersion homeroom teacher at Waddell Language Academy ( Now known as South International Academy of Languages) in Charlotte, NC. She taught Math, Science, and Social Studies bilingually in Chinese and English for five years. She joined East Voyager Academy in 2019. Currently, Ms. Ma teaches 5th grade math and science, 6th-7th grade math bilingually in both English and Chinese. She now lives in Fort Mill, South Carlina with her husband and daughter, and enjoys reading, traveling, singing and spending time with friends and family. Ms. Ma will be the mentor teacher to Wang Yihui from Yueyang, China.
Mentor Teacher
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