Sarah Elgammal

Sarah Elgammal is from Cairo, Egypt and received her bachelor's in administration from the Open University in Egypt. She has been an English teacher at Global Paradigm since February 2020, as well as a teacher at Nefertari International Schools for almost 6 years. She has also held a position as a head of department for Cornell American School in Egypt for a year, and taught English for a year in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys singing, scuba diving, hiking, and any outdoor activities. During her year in the United States, she is looking forward to attending an American football game, going ice skating, and sharing cultural holidays, such as Eid, with her students. Her primary objective for participating in TCLP is to learn new teaching methodologies that she can apply to her classes in Egypt. She also looks forward to helping a U.S. school improve its Arabic language program and sharing her culture with American students. Ms. Elgammal was hosted by the Ashford School in Ashford, CT and is the alumni buddy for Mona Ismail.
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