Mohamed Salem Tiguit

Mohamed Salem Tiguit is from Zagora, Morocco. He received his bachelor’s degree in linguistics in 2012 from Ibn Zohr University in Agadir, Morocco. He has been teaching English since 2004. In 2019, he moved to Tariq Ibno Ziad Middle School in Laayoune to teach English as a foreign language. Mr. Tiguit is also a part-time teacher in Amideast Laayoune Center. He worked as a principal's assistant in 2008. He occupied different positions within the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English. Mr. Tiguit set up English clubs for his students to boost their skills and talents. He enjoys traveling, basketball, and volunteering. During his year in the United States, Mr. Tiguit is looking forward to attending some basketball games and celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. His primary objective for participating in TCLP is to help his host community learn Arabic and know more about Morocco's culture, as well as to expand his knowledge of the teaching approaches and practices in the US and share them with his colleagues in Morocco. Mr. Tiguit was hosted by Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington, KY and is the alumni buddy for Azeddine Mouhsin.
Arabic Teacher
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