Hu Qian

Hu Qian is from the Tongnan District in Chongqing, China. She received her master's degree in English Linguistics from Sichuan International Studies University. Ms. Hu has been and English teacher at Tongnan No. 1 Secondary school since 2015 and has been the group leader for all the English teachers of her grade for two years; she has been awarded several honorable titles over the past six years. First, as a group leader, she is presently the host and principal researcher of an educational research project entitled "Research on Approaches to Teaching Traditional Chinese Culture in English". Second, she acted as the interpreter for a program her home school runs in cooperation with a secondary school in Germany. During her year in the United States, Ms. Hu is looking forward to visiting an Ivy League university, experiencing Christmas Day, and sharing Chinese culture with American students. She was hosted by Western High School in Davie, FL.
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