Huang Hsin-Yi

Huang Hsin-Yi is from Taoyuan, Taiwan. She received her master's degree in education from the National Central University. She has been a classroom teacher and co-teacher of English as a foreign language at Taoyuan Municipal Happy Elementary School since 2015. She has taught 1st-6th grade students and currently teaches 1st grade; she is also a first-grade leader. She enjoys yoga, Zumba, and traveling. During her year in the United States, Ms. Huang is looking forward to experiencing American holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, as well as participating in typical leisure activities in the United States, such as watching an NBA game. Similarly, she also looks forward to teaching her students about Taiwan's festivals and delicious food. Her primary objective for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is learning teaching methodologies from different countries and teaching her students through interactive methods. Ms. Huang will be hosted by East Voyager Academy of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Mandarin Teacher
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