Chang Ying-Yi

Chang Ying-Yi is from Keelung, Taiwan and received her master's degree in creative arts in education from the University of Exeter in the UK. She has been a registration section chief at Taoyuan Elementary School since 2015. Ms. Chang is also a counselor of Taoyuan City English Teaching Advisory Group and has hosted more than ten workshops on "Teaching English through Technology " in several schools. She enjoys traveling, shopping, and being an international volunteer. During her year in the United States, Ms. Chang is looking forward to celebrating Christmas, experiencing American culture, attending concerts, visiting different cities, volunteering, and sharing Taiwanese culture with her students. Her primary objectives for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program are to help students enjoy learning Mandarin and to establish language exchanges and cultural interactions with students in Taiwan. Ms. Chang will be hosted by Haven Elementary in Savannah, Georgia.
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